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-SOURCE: Livestream from some asshole that has it early ;P

  • justwhitesawss

    imactually dissapointed cuz i got reset and ive had 3 xbox live accounts since cod 4

    • You

      Don’t cheat and you wont get reset…

      • mitchbel1996

        BS. Sometime you’re playing like normal and you get in a hacked lobby that can lead to a reset

  • StrongBad

    Except this feature will not be available on PC.

  • Compact

    o Shit… Im 11th on MW2… I will get banned.

  • I hope you 11th prestige cheaters get banned and your consoles locked out of LIVE/PSN.

  • hey i got cod wow,mw2,bo1 and i see not my icoons and i have online play wtf can that? and i play one mw3 online and i did mw2,bo,wow later wtf is that that i my icoons not see?