If you stole, lied, borrowed, or just walked into a store and bought Modern Warfare 3, you are now able to play online.. I could have sworn it was only Nov 2nd.. weird.

That also means the Prestige Shop is online and as FourZeroTwo promised, it is unlocked since he has 3 “Prestige Tokens” waiting for him. And as you can see, “UNLOCK GEAR” is still locked which means you probably have to unlock your first weapon or all weapons before it’s available.

-SOURCE: @WhiiteOout

  • Tim Kupsick

    Has there been any word yet of the consequences to playing MW3 before the official release date?

  • @Plumby94

    I hope they all get banned!

  • derp

    im not banned and ive had this game for the last 2weeks…
    oh and atleast 402 didint do the same mistake josh olin did… saying that our game is unmoddable all THO mw3 is already modded 😀

  • Streetballa0322

    So the guy who said he has had it two weeks can you confirm why unlock gear is locked in the photo?