-UPDATE: We have been contacted by Acitvision and they requested no leaks or details until Nov 8th. Sorry..

  • This is LEGIT!!!!!!

  • Vicktor93

    Is for the hardened version , idk if somebody knows this… does anybody knows which camo we get for hardened edition?

  • cw

    Haven’t seen the level unlock for the CM901 yet.

    Also as far as weapon leveling is concerned, does the game tell you what level you unlock each attachment, prof and camo for a gun?

  • -When you play a Spec-Ops misson, how much exp do you get(if you get exp from completing missions as well)?
    -In multiplayer, if you compare quickdraw sniper ADS time, is it comparable to MW2 speed, or COD4 ACOG speed?
    -What will be the new Shipment/Rust/Nuketown map?
    -About how long is the campaign(hours)?
    -Fastest ROF SMG, most accurate AR, strongest sniper, highest kill range shotgun?
    -Can you get non-support strike package killstreaks from the escort airdrop from the support strike package?
    -How does the XM25 work?

    Hope you answer all these questions, no one seems to know the answers.

  • ORB1T4L


  • What are the challenges to get pro perks?

  • CoDslayer1212

    Test out the MOAB it is confirmed now, not by Robert Bowling, but video evidence. Share your thoughts on it. 🙂

  • JX

    Max weapon level? What do we have to do for SitRep Pro?

  • cw

    Pro perk challenges please 🙂

  • Evilived

    If you have access to all the weapons.. I ‘d like to now

    1. how powerful each primary weap is in each class (how many bullets it takes to kill)
    2. how much of an impact kick or stability makes on sniper rifles
    3. If MK14 has a sniper scope attachment
    4. How the PM9 is, and a short assessment of hoow each weapon stakes up against the others in their respective classes

  • Beeman

    how many mission in mw 3 please reply i really want to know 🙁 – Thank you

  • Beecom

    And one more how long is the campaign? – Thank you

  • Can you post some gameplay on maps we haven’t seen? Total we’ve seen about 5 or 6, and theres plenty more we haven’t laid eyes on yet.

  • BeAsT1

    does the calsign ( player card) show the past prestiges from past CODs? is it optional , and will the prestige hackers with 10th prestige show up ? ( on the past cod prestiges)

  • caloge

    Please post all weapon and perk unlock levels

    is weapon damage similar to BLOPS or does it appear stopping power is built in?

    Prestige shop: what choices are available day 1 outside of custom classes and double xp?

    Do the gun perks that reduce sway and kick make a noticeable difference? is the built in sway similar to cod4?

  • ALS

    What are the challenges for the pro versions of each perk !?

  • cw

    So are you just going to stop posting news all together? That would be pretty silly for a site to stop covering the game.

    I guess you just cant be the source of any *new* leaks.

  • Aaronavelino

    is ghost alive???????????