This FREE Xbox Live download is finally available and is 99mb in size with one small update after you launch it. This might keep you busy until you head over to your local game shop for the midnight launch!


-UPDATE: Looks like you need to start a game in order for stats to show.

  • $8549735

    Elite TV? What is that?

  • nah u cant access it until you have played mw3 online first

  • Indeed, roll on midnight, ugh, today is crawling….

  • ORB1T4L

    can anyone tell me where to redeem my Elite code ?

  • Horoxix

    Can a free elite service still have a clan? what features are we losing?

  • Daniel

    The age requirement filter on the website is broken. I’m definitely old enough to legally buy and play Call of Duty yet it says that I haven’t met the minimum age requirements.