Activision Blizzard’s CEO Bobby Kotick confirmed earlier today during the third quarter conference call that not only will 2012 see the release of Diablo III, but also a new Call of Duty game.

Before you get too excited, the image above is just a “mock-up” image that we made a few months back, however we’re willing to bet big money that Treyarch is hard at work on the follow-up to last year’s “Biggest Entertainment Launch Ever” (a record we bet was broken earlier today). As far as the date, our guess is 11/6/12 since the last 8 Call of Duty’s came out on the 1st or 2nd week of November. As always, we’ll have more INTEL once it’s available 😉


-SOURCE: Kotaku

  • I don’t 100% agree that the release will be in 2012, but I hope so. He might have menat to say we will be working hard in 2012 making diablo and stuff and then he may have meant “working” on a call of duty. It just seems to soon to have another one from activision.

    • vSimCO

      they do this every year… every year…. Treyarch and IW have been doing 2 year COD cycles for a while now…

  • ORB1T4L

    Ok… I’ll buy it just for Zombies. Treyarch is only good at that.

  • Gordonfreebawlz

    what a waste of a call of duty title…. infinity ward and treyarch should join forces…. therefore the stories won’t suck ass and there will be zombies in an infinity ward title…

    • Gmartinez2788

      Your an ediot. First of all who cares about the stories. It’s all about multiplayer. Besides black ops is way better than modern warfare

      • That1guyUknow?

        BO is better than mw? That’s not what everryone else said a lot of people hated BO as much as they hated mw2.

      • Dallasfan4life

        Your the “idiot”. People like myself love to play the story to the game. I beat it on veteran mode before I even play multiplayer. Might as well but MAG if your only worried about online gaming mode. Black Ops had its flaws as does MW3.

    • Diglet

      Exept treyarch are better

  • Ludo

    Vivement le 11 juin 2012
    Pour le nom c’est comfirmer ??

  • Eddiec748

    It’s gonna be on the 7 not the 6. MW2 released on the 10th, BO released on the 9th and MW3 released on the 8th, so this will release on the 7th.

    • Blops lover

      no it usually releases on a tuesday and this year is leap year so it will release on the 6th which is my birthday so im really excited

  • Bklyn5urfer20

    omg -_- waste of a title holy shit treyarch sledge hammer i.w and 3arc should make an awesome game with zombies and survival !

    • Joev1995

      3arc=Treyarch… because it sounds like TRI (the root of 3) arc (arch) come on now N00b

  • Pene


  • Rowanpatrickhill

    no infinity ward is erm eerm better…and sleg hammer

  • H Palmer11

    no offense modern warfare fans but you have to say treyarch are better im so exited foe bo2 i loved black ops , i have all the dlc , im 15th prestige , i own zombies treyarch are better , but iw are okay

    • flamejedi800

      i agree they did do a good job but somethings in mw3 are also better that blackops but yes treyarch did do good

    • Jacksterjtcoolio

      Modern warfare is better than treyarch… I’m not saying treyarch is bad but modern warfare 2 easily tops black ops. I have a great feeling black ops 2 is gonna be better than every call of duty ever!

  • Msdm99

    i like boys

  • theboylover

    i like boys i like MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joev1995

    black ops 2 is going to beat every single COD title, first off the campaign is going to be tremendous. BO’s campaign was pretty good to begin with, the sequel’s will follow the intel from its predecessor, too. There is a possibility of finding Woods (who is the soul occupant of the Hanoi Hilton as of ’77) and the possibility of Reznov’s return (hinted in the Maverick Code) which frankly will make an overall bad ass game. The multiplayer will also be improved on. After seeing what people thought of Black Ops Treyarch will have to try hard to get more people to purchase it. This is because the Multiplayer was an overall disaster in Black Ops. The lack of quick scoping and the sickening COD credits was quite upsetting, and the complete lack of sniper maps was really sad. Though i dislike Treyarch’s gaming, and JD2020 i believe Black Ops 2 will beat every other Call of Duty title.

  • Rizzolod16

    ummmm GAY as hell its just gunna be the same stupid shit as always……..Sorry to break that to you people

  • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I can’t believe how wrong everyone was.