Several news outlets are reporting that Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games might have already started working on possible “Classic” or “Remastered” versions of previous Modern Warfare maps for MW3 as it appears there might be some files hidden on the game disc. Keep in mind these are only map names found and are subject to change. Also there is no indication the maps were already finished prior to launch.

According to WeTheGamerz, “..there are some extra map files along side group of standard multiplayer maps that share names with maps from previous members of the Modern Warfare family.”

Maps from CoD4: Modern Warfare:

Maps from Modern Warfare 2:


Once again, this is all unconfirmed, however once we hear anything we’ll let you know.

-UPDATE: Screenshot of files thanks to @1Bobsam1

-SOURCE: WeTheGamerz

  • $8549735

    Sweet. Content that is already on the disc needs to be unlocked to acces. I am going to wipe my ass with MW3. Bad game is bad.

  • Whitehouse7

    Prick would of only found it while trying to hack game ASSHOLE!