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Looks like the LEAKED Map names are real after all. According to YouTuber “MW3Stream”, an update went out on PC via Steam which contained these images, possibly in preperation for the DLC coming next month.

-Overwatch -Park *2nd image


-SOURCE: MW3Stream YouTube

  • Henrik

    I’m gay

  • Ron

    cool stuff but i was hoping they would put in more maps that take place at night or the rain..

  • ScubaXsniper

    Italy reminds me of Favela.

  • Zakk4TW on Youtube! SUbscribe

    These maps look Awsome! Italy reminds me of favella, morning wood seems like itll be a mix between overgrownand terminal, overwatch= a new highrise but overlooking hard hat, and park looks like its central park in new york… ALL LOOK EPIC!

  • Bear Ellis

    Are you ps3 or xbox?

  • Emoxrocker13

    “Italy” is Piazza and “Park” is Liberation