There’s still no exact date on when the remaining “Non-Elite or Non-Xbox” users will get DLC but it looks like the window just got a little clearer. Acitivision released a press release this morning to announce the arival of the first DLC content drop for Elite Subscribers on Xbox 360, and finally confirmed a launch window for other platforms:

Xbox 360 NON-Elite “$15 All current DLC pack”: March

PS3 & PC: “..a later time”

Since they didn’t announce it was coming in March with Non-Elite Xbox, it’s safe to assume PS3 DLC will be arriving in April (30 days after all* Xbox Live members) OR February (30 Days after all* Xbox-Elite members).¬†Microsoft has exclusive rights for Xbox Live members. How could PS3 “Elite” receive in February before Xbox’s March drop though?

Please note, this is how we interpret the press release, read it for yourself and let us know if you reach the same conclusion. If we get clarification then we’ll let you know..


Press Release:
“The Content Drops will be available for purchase by the entire Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 player community on Xbox LIVE in March, as part of the first Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection. The Content Drops will be available on additional platforms at a later time.”

SOURCE: Activision Press Release

  • Oceanic

    PS3 non-premiums will be getting it in April, PS3 Elites will get it 30 days after xbox Elite users. So Piazza & Liberation on PS3 around Feb 24th.

    The DLC collection (“Map pack”) that xbox non-elite users can buy in March will contain at least 1 map from the March Elite content drop so it’ll be 30 days later before non-elite PS3 users can buy it (April)

  • Mushmonkey

    Just as a heads up, FourZeroTwo said in the MachinimaRespawn (live stream) that DLC for XBOX would be March. Didn’t confirm any price oddly.

    • The “15 Price” came from the “Join Up, Soldeier” ELiTE Trailer

  • Sultan Alshamsi

    thats unfair for PS3 elite members they paid the same amount as XBOX 360 and they’ll get the map packs a month latter?!

  • Ghost58md

    wen does the feb content come out and i agree with sultan

  • Spoon

    Contracts mate. And XBOX 360 members have to pay for Gold membership (online) anyway.

    • Lewisirwin221

      right i will say this once you are falling for a microsoft scam you shoudn’t have to pay monthly or yearly to play online it should be free like ps3 now i am not saying go and buy a ps3 but i say everyone who has a ps3 and XBOX protests about xbox users having to pay money and ps3 users not i think it is unfair and i am a ps3 user and i am sixk of always coming 2nd last for DLC and stuff like that it is so annoying so all i am asking is if you join me and hundreds of people to fight for our gaming right for eternal right to game…….

  • Enri

    still nothing for pc

  • Lewisrwin221

    i am sick of PS3 members getting treated like shit just cause of some stupid contract there are 2 days left in march and i want overwatch cause i am a premium member