Earlier today, Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling confirmed that the Xbox 360 received an update just prior to the ELiTE DLC going live. Unfortunately the PS3 update will be slightly delayed. Fixes include the following:
-Improved lag compensation
-Theater fixes
-Nerf to Striker (less powerful)
-Buff to all other shotguns (more powerful)
-Faster uploads to YouTube

SOURCE:  FourZeroTwo

  • Freppy

    Cant wait! I really hope the release the patch to us PS3 players next week..

  • Updated #MW3 today. Still letting chetaers exploit the hole in the mic/VoIP lines. Would loose to much money if we actually fixed the exploits one can deal with from their console. Also, updated so more than entire home network can be exploited; ignoring DNS exploits all together. All pedophiles get free DLC with newest update!!!