A second minor update for MW3 within 24 hours. Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling just announced that ALL akimbo (automatic) weapons will be getting a “50% decrease to their fire rate”. Just to be clear, damage is NOT getting changed, only the rate of fire… No, thank you Mr. Bowling 🙂


New stats according to DW24/7:

Weapon | Buff | Norm | Hotfix | Nerf Change [Rate of Fire]
FMG | 1223 | 913 | 612 | -33%
Skorp | 973 | 750 | 486 | -35%
G18 | 1220 | 923 | 610 | -34%
MP9 | 1200 | 811 | 600 | -26%


SOURCE:  FourZeroTwo
STATS: DW247 Forums Via  @theZeffirelli

  • JonJonFTW

    Yes! Now I can use my MP9 without being at a serious disadvantage!

    Side note, how come nobody posts comments?

  • This sucks… FMG’s were my only way of countering strikers or raising my K/D in a bad match..

  • Pool party Ziggs

    Goody, FMGay9 finally have a proper nerf.

  • Giordano Trabach

    According to this video, the Akimbo were buffed in Rate of Fire

  • Freppy

    ppl is commenting on this blog now =) I woundering why lol

  • DeansYoDaddy

    I like and hate this I think it should just be for the fmg9s….

  • Akimbos never really where my thing its all about assault rifles

  • Risiiii

    It’s crazy to think about how many times IW has balanced these FMG9’s. Hopefully they got it right this time.

  • Iammicro8589

    sometimes game is not fun when there are no over powered weapons
    just saying

  • y did they do that its was fine before the patch