A couple days ago we asked our followers to tell us what they’d like to see changed or updated in Modern Warfare 3. The response was overwhelming, we received too many responses to count but did manage to make a list for the majority of request we received. You may agree or disagree with parts of the list, which is why it will be impossible to please everybody.. Good luck Infinity Ward, SledgeHammer & Raven…

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TOP 5 REQUEST From the Community:


1. More Hardcore Modes ย (Specifically HC Headquarters)
2. Objective Stats for the In-Game Scoreboard
3. 3rd Person Team Tactical in Public Playlistย 
4. Clan Ops
5. Spawns


-Lag, Lag..and Lag ย (Hit Detection)
-Gun DLC
-Original Theater Mode (Black Ops Options)
-Over powered helicopters


Other random request after the break:

-Theater Mode settings that were stripped from Black Ops.
-The spawn logic MUST be fixed on Liberation. Its atrocious. And the striker needs to be dumbed down more.
-Spawning, Type 95, and the Over-Powered Helicopters !!!
-Give PS3 folks a DLC release date ๐Ÿ™‚
-I would like to see the ability to make custom or clan camo on #mw3
-a nerf of the attack choppers
-ranked dedicated servers? ๐Ÿ™‚
-Player collision and in-game XP Bar, like MW2 had.
-better theatre controls, ground war playlists, clan ops and challenges
-I just want my hardcore headquarters back ๐Ÿ™
-If you put someone in final stand you should get a kill, not an assist! if your teammate finishes him of.
-you should see of they can put the camera placement points like on BOps theater place cam & angle at certain time.
-for PC,remove the 10 respawn in hc,and give us log files for dedicated servers for better rcon ability with B3.
-ohh, and it would be nice if it would take 1 or 2 sniper bullets to kill someone … Not 2-4 bullets! #MW3
-ps3 lag and local match option
-i just want all the hardcore modes #blackops had and when the map packs come out to be in hardcore thanks
-When (if) a lobby (map) vote reaches 7, kill the countdown timer and go into the prep countdown.


HAVE SUGGESTIONS? Post a comment and we’ll add to the list!

-SOURCE: @charlieINTEL

  • More Ground War playlists ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ravi Star

    Gun Game, Sharpshooter, and other special game types in public lobbies!


    Spec Op Missions that can hold more than 2 people, Online Gun Game, Campaign Mission of Operation Kingfish (Just like the one in the video).


    Weapon Packs (such as Kriss Super V & AK47u)
    Reload care package added to (support package, you and the team to use once)
    counter UAV & UAV (all as one point streak, eg 6 kills on support or 5 kills on assault strike package)
    Remote decoy care package (7kills on support, it can blow up if the other team try to hijack it or it can be remote detonated like C4)
    more camo (eg green tiger)
    theater mode: bullet cam (last bullet to kill him or grenade cam)

    no token needed when you get to prestige 10 level 80, to reset stats

    • warap dawh

      bullet cam?? what do u think this is !? mw3 engine is very bad it doesnt render the bullets every gun shoots hitmarkers, what u may see in game are tracer bullets props (those lines that comes out of the gun when u shoot but in slo mo they arent rendered bullets)


    More titles and emblems to.

    • You would think titles and emblems would be easy to add

  • TurdWelch

    I would like to see 4 player survival, objective scoreboards, and objective flags that go transparent when aimed through. The lag still seems inconsistant from day to day but it could just be my connection. Also, I would like to see Elite fully functional as advertised from 11/08/11. First week problems were frustrating but now it’s just unacceptable. We gave them our money and I personally don’t feel like they delivered the product advertised. Thanks. Great site.

  • masiyeah

    every assault rifle, expect the m4a1 and the acr, is too weak

  • CoD Modder

    Of course we need Mod Tools for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. That is one of the most important things, in my opinion.

    • Modding Fan

      @ CoD Modder: Yeah, I totally agree – we need Mod Tools for CoD MW3 now!

  • warap dawg

    -Player collision and in-game XP Bar, like MW2 had. <— amen

  • PC player want fov options!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pneumatic

    LOL! Funny that “lag” ended up at the bottom of the “Other random request” list. I am pretty sure that should be #1 given the fact that every 3rd post on the forums and every 2nd Tweet is about lag.

  • Josh Reichman

    How about knife fixing? I never knew you could miss knifing someone when your right next to them until MW3

  • Devin Wolfe

    A.I Bots if you tell me that you can’t code bots like Treyach then what kind of game developer are you