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Don’t get to excited, these are photoshopped “Gun DLC Concept images” that we came up with. Ever since ELiTE announced their aggressive DLC plan, there’s been a lot of rumors that MW3 might be the first Call of Duty to receive new weapons post-launch. Even Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling hinted that it might be a possibility. Unfortunately we haven’t received any confirmation since then so we decided to come up with these concept images to show the community (and developers) what weapon DLC might look like.

One concern with fans is that if new weapons are introduced, it might throw off the balance of the weapons in the game. One suggestion we had was that if new weapons were released, it should be done in the form of “aggressive camos”. So instead of new guns, they would simply be new “weapon skins”.. What are your thoughts on gun DLC? Yes, no? What guns would you like to see return?

  • Nice images, I would love to see “skins”, I don’t get why CoD doesn’t add more things than just maps and missions…

    • Hopefully this will be the year. Sound likes theyre gonna do more then maps this time. Still 2 unknown classified drops on the DLC calendar.

  • codfan

    That M4 or HK416 would be fine. Either MP5 SD.

  • codfan

    BTW. Gun sound in COD are too silent. Real surpressed fire is not much quite than normal barell.

  • They should make your gun skin completely customize-able. Give us patterns, colors, images, etc… Add the clan tag on gun option too. I’d love to see the Intervention back btw.

  • Jmgfrydaddy

    Black ops famas, and commando assault rifles. Off the wall camo colors like neon or even pink.

  • codfan

    Jmgfrydaddy, these weapons are too weak for today and it would be unrealistic if someone killed you with old Commando carbine when you was using ACR. However FAMAS is passable, but not the old Black Ops version of this rifle. 🙂

    • Jmgfrydaddy

      Of course a slight buff would have to be added to make them usable. I thought that would be understood. Why would they put unusable guns for downloadable content? I would also like to see the fully auto version of the FN FAL. Also camo colors, John Deere Green.


    • Please read the post before you trol “fake” lol

  • I would love to see old weapons make a comeback, I read the tweet where Robert Bowling said it was a possibility, I really hope they don’t take it off the table

    • Dununununun


  • Gdfhrshyaes

    FAKE these are fake phoney!

    • why are u so stupid? maybe if u read you would see this is photoshopped dumbass

    • Pkserdula

      no shit dumbass

  • Jaybru91

    Famas and Aug need to come to mw3, not the black ops full auto version the mw2 burst version would be a nice reason to not use my type 95 anymore

  • that guy

    why would they photoshop an AK47, MP5, M4, M14 EBR, or anything else that’s ALREADY IN THE GAME.

  • ollie

    FAKE pic if u look at the bottom where it tells you the gun all of them say g18

    • Herp

      Did you figure this out by yourself?

    • Builder Dude

      No it’s real it just says fake to trick you -___-

    • Primey_

      Wow. you’re a moron

  • no no no no

  • Arjunkodimela

    mw2 style rds

    • kyle

      yes please

  • Albani

    wow nice game please link

  • kyle

    instead of just a reskin just increace rate of fire and increase recoil or decrease rate of fire and increase damage slightly ect. on similar guns. FAD and F2000 for example

  • solidwhiteguy89

    this would be the best thing everrr and the tar 21 needs to make a return pleaseeee

  • EatMe

    I want the INTERVENTION !

  • Philly4life221

    everyone that says there fake is stupid no shitthere fake dont you guys no what concept means…….

  • Bader_2008_1

    m40a3 and intervention would be awesome to trick shot with in mw3

  • Schnake

    id like the F2000 to come back,just reduce the recoil a bit.

  • ‘Harald Fried

    I want AUG and Vector!

  • Daniel


  • RoboticBMX


  • Elloy Rodriuez

    looks awesome man really would like other different guns that have not been on cod

  • Akke222

    intervention in my <3

  • XxShamuel

    no ppsh? its the best gun ever! could you make one for it?

  • Liamdoylel

    m1911 but good like in real life and the wa2000

  • Doo_york

    yes there should be new weapons but make them off of mw2 like the mini-uzi or the tar-21. They won’t be better than the current weapons now but just as good and people can use them if they want. oh and “Jaybru91” the type-95 is basically the famas. I definately think players will spend money for new weapons.

  • Prostacker Serpane

    I don’t care what time era this game takes place, but I think it’s time for a WWII weapon pack.
    I really miss all those guns especially the Thompson Sub-machine Gun!

    • Kamisory

      That was the end of world war 1 and second I agree I like the MG42

  • iVortexGFX

    itnervention + dubble tap!!!!! i want to trickshot in mw3!!!

  • Mada2424

    its fake the pic of the intervention says g18 down the bottom right. There all just photoshopped

  • Juan

    get the intervention out of there it will kill mw3 because of qs

  • Lelchin

    i would like to see new guns added and some of the guns upgraded the barrett .50 cal is not a fuckin hitmarker lol

  • galabala

    fakest fotoshop EVER!!!!

  • trevor

    they need to bring the m40 and the mp5 back

  • asdf

    on the intervention image if you look closely the tree is photoshoped

  • Jaxson12

    Bring back the intervention!

  • floopy1962

    how can you be so blind :D:D:D hahaha this is a montage hahaha

  • sasas

    the intervention is a fake….

  • sasas

    This weapons not exist for mw3 is a fake…

  • Codboy10barcelona

    guys its fake cause in every gun in the screen it says g18 in bottom right hand corner

  • guest

    you guys r fuckin retards of course they r not real. they r giving u a picture of wat it would be like if they put other weapons from previous cod games into mw3.

  • guest

    bring back intervention

  • FakeDLCS

    Lawl look at the intervention you can see a white line around it.
    well i think this is just FAKE.