Try and get past the reversed text and reversed gun and just concentrate on the map… What if MW3 (or any future Call of Duty) had a “reversed map” option or playlist? Let us know what you think in the comments section..

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  • Reverse maps is a cool idea, but it would be pretty confusing at first. At the very least we should be able to switch the gun from right to left and vice versa. Nice video!

  • Brendoon

    It seems another game.. lol, cool, very funny xD


    It gives me a headache.

  • It would be an awesome idea, especially if they dispersed them along with normal maps in the playlist. Definitely increases replay value and keep you thinking. I wonder why this was never thought of before?

  • Josh Reichman

    Great idea! The only thing is that if they actually do this, they aren’t going to reverse the text. Confuses to much players, and maybe even lose some. But another thing, wouldn’t they have to make the maps all over again? I’d think that it has to be rendered in a certain way or else it will have to be a new map. If they could reverse the video, and then at the same time get a font that’s backwards, then it will work I think. Cool idea regardless. Reminds me of mirror cup on Mario kart.

  • Dacota

    That would be awesome because it would feel like a whole new map. It would be kind of funny at first bc kids would think that they knew exactly where they were going, but they wouldn’t. Also if they did ever end up doibg this than i think that they should also give us the option to be a right handed or left handed shooter