UPDATE #2: Fourzerotwo just confirmed it’s LEGIT! However he only confirmed 5 more were added and there were 10 icons uploaded during the patch which probably mean Prestige 16-20 will be activated at a later time.

UPDATE #1: A total of 10 additional prestige emblems have been found in the latest PC update. Not sure why the menu screenshot only indicates 15 prestige’s though?


Looks like MW3 might be getting 5 more prestige levels sometime soon according to the latest PC update. An update went out for MW3 on PC via Steam today which supposedly added prestige icons for 11th-15th Prestige.

This wouldnt be the first time Steam leaked stuff early, a PC update that went out in December revealed the first 4 DLC maps which were confirmed this month. Not much is known other than these screenshots which look pretty legit but keep in mind nothing is confirmed.




SOURCE: Steam Forums Via @TWiiNSANE

  • Freppy

    wtf? lol Nice!

  • Risiiii

    I guess I wouldn’t be done playing the game then. I’m all for it.

  • Still not confirmed officialy…

    • Dawdwadaw

      PC already has it

  • marcus

    Wow, i hope this is fake. Im done leveling/prestiging. (im 10th level 80)

    • Cuulwhitedood

      Its legit, robert trolling tweeted it.

  • Michał

    Charlie! Pls can we expect any leak from new DLC? ;D

  • hebegiant

    Prestige 10 lvl 80, already have 8 gold guns and a whole lot of challenges done. If they release more prestige levels, I have no intention of prestigeing again. If we started with that many I would prob be about 13 or 14 now.

    • Same here. i have all perks pro, 60% of the guns gold, all secondarys Lvl 10, Lvl 80 10th prestige. I wont do any kind of prestige again.

      EDIT: And something i forgot to mention i got 1845/2230 Challenges completed, i dont think i will do them all again.

      • Mr.Collins

        i have 75% of my guns gold and 99% of chalanges completed and all perks pro! so i win kid go back to bed

        • kyle

          ya because it was a competition

    • Benhodges

      Ive gold all smg assault in gold all my smg hlf way to level 31 get in my boots lol

    • Benhodges

      Let me say that again lol

      Ive got all smg assault in gold
      all Lmg half way tolevel 31

  • Jonathonacrow

    find it funny that he’s talking about this being legit (cause it is) but the title he’s using if it is on PC is not (because CoD: Elite isn’t available on PC, therefore there is no way to legitimately get it)

    • The story was posted this morning at 9am PST and was unconfirmed. Fourzerotwo tweeted at 8pm PST and confirmed it, hence “legit” 😉

      Thats why theres “Update#1 and Update#2”

  • PachaTC

    How about they focus on getting the elite clan events that everyone has paid for before adding stuff that doesn’t matter….

  • Beachhead control Elite, completely different company to Robert Bowling, Robert Bowling is creative director on MW3 he has nothing to do with Elite, let him do his job and let Beachhead do Elite

  • Martyrio

    NO, DONT DO THIS!!!!


    Do you seriously have to reset stats? I hope not, but if you don’t have to, I will go to 20th!!!

  • Mr.Collins

    its fucking patheic i mean i have a 30,000$ pc i love and yet this game is not even worth the 60 bucks i payed for it is more like its worth only 25 at best! game dev. really fucked up this gme good and propor!

  • AmazingSuperHick

    Terrible idea. IW should be more focused on fixing their game than adding useless stuff. There are way too many things wrong with MW3 for them to put all of their focus on this. But is it IW…and in their eyes DLC and whatnot fixes bad lag, overpowered weapons and terrible spawns.

    • Rob said that they have 2 different teams working on MW3 24/7, 1 team for DLC and 1 team for fixes

      • Eric

        Well the 2nd team clearly is just sleeping all day

  • howard

    is this for ps3,xbox too???

  • bad idea

  • H Palmer11

    y wud iw do this whats the point EVERY ONE PLAY BF3, im 9th prestige i have destroyed my mw3 disc i have had enough of that game,SPAWNS,LAG,OVERPOW ERD GUNS,n00bs,CAMPERS,UMP45 SILENCED,FINAL STAND, DEAD MANS HAND,REVENGE, MOABs,WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT MORE PRESTIGES, no offense iw but guys you have to say treyarch are way better im excited for bo2, AT THIS RATE IM NEVER EVER gunna buy another iw game in my life , unless they sort things out :I

  • H Palmer11

    WHERE ARE MY CLAN OPERATIONS BEACHEAD,we should be hearing aprils dlc soon probably and its only fukin february

  • Snip3rinth3mist-Gamertag

    They need to worry about getting the DLC maps for non-elite users and fix the spawns!

  • Miz

    What the? How did you get that emblem? Not the Prestige Icon, but the title and emblem….

  • Benhodges

    Whe will they be added anyone know

  • Carlos

    Sigh. Every assault rifle, shotgun, and all smg’s minus the MP5 golden, including barrette .50 cal MSR and AS50 gold. And then I see “go prestige mode” today. FML.

  • Bajskorv

    they should focus on ppl still camping in killed confirmed

    • Odriewamai

      How are they going to focus on people camping? That is the way they play. They cant fix that. Even if they made an empty map that is nothing but a cirlce people would still camp. If they are camping then you know where they are. if you know where they are and you still cant kill them then theres is somthing wrong with you. try a grenade or something.

  • Angrykev

    Brilliant idea iw. Got to 10th prestige ages ago and this will defo keep me playing. Genius. And to all the idiots moaning about mw3 need to just shut up and play black ops. Mw3 sorts the men from the boys coz u have to be good to out smart the campers, noobs, spawns,and all that other rubbish people keep crying about. Black ops is too easy which is why u lot can’t play mw3. Just stop bitchin and learn how to play mw3 .