During Activision’s investor call last week, Activision’s CEO Eric Hirshberg stated, “Although we are pleased with where we are today, the objective of Elite is to make the total Call of Duty experience more fun and more engaging and we plan to launch additional features in the next 60 days.”

In addition to the minor upgrades, Elite will be getting huge upgrade in November, “We’re already hard at work on Elite 2.0 with several innovative features being developed to work hand in hand with our NEXT Call of Duty release.” Looks like Activision is calling the next generation of Elite, Call of Duty Elite 2.0 which is expected to launch along side the 2012 Call of Duty game. As always we will keep you posted on anything more we hear!


  • TurdWelch

    I wonder if by “additional features” they mean what they originally advertised back in November? Also, 2.0 is getting released with the next CoD and I learned my lesson last time giving them money up front for an unfinished product. I hope Elite is not packaged with the game this year. There will always be people like me who will purchase the best available product whether it’s the Hardened or Prestige Edition. I don’t want to show any more support for Elite, however, I would like to purchase the top tier CoD. Packaging Elite with the game gives Beachhead and Elite a falsely inflated community approval of their train-wreck of website. If they want the community to renew our subscriptions they need to win us back and give us more than a “free 30 day extension” on a service that is unfinished after 90 days! If they are “pleased with where we are today” they clearly had a different vision of Elite than the paid subscribers who paid money into it! Maybe Elite could give out free mouse pads or something. I could really use one of those!

    • Wow this is a really good comment post, I agree with everything you said.. Tell ya what, Im gonna send you an email so I can send you a charlieINTEL MW3 mousepad, on the house 😉