Being a huge fan of Rainbow Six, we think this would be a great idea to take the series in a different direction. Lots of possibilities here.. Let us know what you guys think of the concept in the comments section..

SOURCE: PoliceWarfare.Com

  • i would buy it

  • H Palmer11

    FAKE , treyarch is making next game , besides i dont like the mw seires, and police warfare , what about americans they call it cops , PLEASE IW DONT MAKE THIS , if u have to stay with modern warfare you have been doing for 5 years, if this is true im DEFINITLY NOT BUYING IT ,

    • People like you are just funny.. you A. can’t read and B. can’t read the post.

  • codfan

    It would be great idea to make a game about Police. In fact, we don’t have any title revelant to Police. In reality, GIGN is gendarmerie unit (more similar to Police, not the army) and it should be placed in another background. Imagine: SWAT, GIGN, GSG9, etc. against criminals, cartels, thiefs… 🙂 Sorry for bad language.

  • codfan

    Great graphics.
    IW, Activision and Treyarch should place blur animations to weapons reloading.

    • What do you mean blur the weapon animation?? why would that be good?

  • Djaramillo

    I love the idea I would buy it


    I think a whole bunch of developers should make the best First Person Shooter. Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Dice, and a whole bunch of other developers.

  • Tacklebox0813

    I think its a great idea I’m working on the same idea myself and I have lots of ideas as long as it has ffa teamdeath match with all new game modes and a street and challenge, high speed chases shoot outs bank robberies and store,car jacking fighting fist brawl game mode etc. My ideas can go on An on from the campaign to the multilayer I would buy this game its a change from the war game

  • Tacklebox0813

    New game mode out run/catch up player has to out run other player over buildings and over opsticals. This whole game is a mix cod, mirrors edge ,brink,need for speed and other new ideas