According to French site “Gameblog”, Amazon France accidently posted and then quickly removed a listing for “Black Ops 2” coming later this year. Normally we would say this doesn’t mean anything since Amazon was probably posting a “place holder” in case the Black Ops 2 rumors appear to be true.

What makes this story interesting is that supposedly Activision France contacted the site to have the story removed, however when Gameblog refused, Activision uninvited the site from a preview event for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and canceled upcoming advertising on the blog.

If the above story is true, Activision PR is probably a) not ready to announce Black Ops 2 and start their media campaign, OR b) attempting to stop the blog from spreading misinformation.

Whatever the case, we won’t know for sure till May which is likely when the next Call of Duty will be announced.

UPDATE: Apparently Amazon-France has a long history of leaking games early..



  • Waza

    i really hope they take a year off to develop better the game, but sadly they dont care about the product they care about copy & pasting for money.

    • Leks

      A year extra of mw3 with no new game?
      Are you mental?

  • The Flash

    worth noticing that Amazon.fr/de and FNAC have listed COD ‘9’ again.