Clan Operations is now live, first op begins Feb. 25th:

“Sticky Fingers” -Highest Total Captures: Core Domination
Your clan needs to focus on getting captures in Domination. Remember, the more troops at the flag means a quicker capture time. Stay aggressive moving from flag to flag and use your time wisely. The top 6 performers in your clan will count towards the final score.
“Flagged For Removal” -Highest Total Defends: Core Domination
Your clan needs to focus on getting defends in Domination. Don’t worry about captures. Once your team has secured a location, it’s your job to hold the line and defend. Equip loadouts that favor traps and stealth. The top 6 performers from your clan will count towards the final score.

Clan rank now shows in-game on title:

5 New Prestige Emblems Added:

Title Update #9:
-400 new ranks included in 5 new prestige levels.
-Added the ability to view Clan Rank on player card in-game when enlisted in a clan on Call of Duty: Elite.
(This update is now available on Xbox Live and will be available on PSN on Feb 28th.)

Revealed during Machinima livestream with Fourzerotwo:

-Throwback maps are a possibility, if they do come out they will be outside of DLC calendar and probably free.
-Throwing knives are probably here to stay in infected.
-More hardcore playlist will be added later this week or early next week. Less played playlist will get removed to make room.
-YY is not coming back.
-3rd person team tactical will probably not come back (to public playlist) due to playlist limit.

Special thanks to @UnRealShot for updates on the Machinima Livestream 😉

  • Just give us throwback maps:) Only reason I basically bought premium Elite

  • RT_Solution

    Hey C.I. , Waht’s Throwback maps ??
    Please Awnser !

    • gangster95

      Maps from other cods, like mw2 or cod4 🙂

      • Max Behr

        hopefully for free :3

      • RT_Solution

        Thanks !

  • Alex

    Hey Charlie intel could I possibly join your clan?

  • Alex

    Oh and does this mean every map that comes out will be brand new? I like that but I like the throw back maps free even more 🙂