The official Call of Duty Elite Facebook page has announced that all PS3 Players will be getting an exclusive Elite Theme on Feb 28th for free. This theme (pictured above) seems to be a very simple one, but hey, its free. I guess this is Activision’s way of saying “we care about the PS3 community” by giving away a free themes. Being a PS3 player(Keshav) I will take anything they give! :-). Also on Feb 28th, multiplayer maps Liberation and Piazza are finally coming to PS3 Elite Premium Members!

SOURCE: Call of Duty Facebook Page

  • محمد الشهري


  • [email protected] ,MW2 no themes and avatars for PS3 B.O.the same,MW3 we will see!!!

  • if Activision sign up another BULL deal with Micrococks than fcuk it!!!

  • Jrdnw

    ill take my early access to content over a theme any day

  • 3b Oood

    ثيم ممتاز وأنا من عشاق بتلفلد لكن بحمله

  • Michał

    We will get this thame now on ;D

  • This is nearly as bad as the nuketown one we got!!!

  • Freppy

    Anyone know what happend with the theme? 😛