During Activision’s announcements on wednesday, the official MW3 Content Calendar received a minor update.

  • They have added a dedicated calendar outlining the PS3 Content Season 
  • They have added another “Classified” drop for May (Xbox) bringing total Content Drops to- 22
There are currently 4 “classified” drops on the content calendar. Lots of speculation on what those are, rumors are circulating that it may be anywhere from gun DLC to Campaign DLC.


UPDATE 1: It appears Fourzerotwo recently replied to someone via Twitter and indicated that there are OVER 24 pieces of content. We’re not sure if this is a typo or if more stuff is in the works.
  • lMattW

    Originally the classified items were “Game Modes”, back when there were just 2. So I’d guess game modes are still in the works, along with something else.

    • yep that would be a good guess.. and over all be better then a gun. some hidden campaign level would be sweet thought.


        Hopefully they’ll add operation kingfish. It would be an awesome level and it would be nice to see Ghost

  • cool good info now the ps3 elite members can be a little more happy.

  • Robert Bowling (@fourzerotwo) said there are 24 content drops on twitter. But the calendar hasnt updated. Maybe he is giving us a hint of 2 content drops of the mw2 maps? He said they will be outside the calendar for DLC. Only time will tell.

    • Alesz15

      The actor in the mw3 videos have confirmed 24 dlc drops in the Black box (plus spec ops) video.

  • Somebody read my comment from yesterday 🙂