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FAKE.. It doesn’t get any faker than this. We received several tips that the beta menu leaked for Black Ops 2, seems that a lot of people think this is real.

First off.. MW3Upload stole OUR Black Ops 2 “Concept Art/Mock Logo” that we made in photoshop last year (as you can tell from our BO2 Rumor page). Second, Treyarch would never allow anyone to show footage on an unannounced project.

“They only allowed us to record the whole beta menu”… Suuuure, Treyarch “allowed” you to record it and reveal to the world their next unannounced project. That’s really an insult to my intelligence.. In all honesty, its a good fake and I definitely like the look of white menus, this video should have been uploaded as a fan made concept video. What gets me mad is that MW3Upload is using this video to trick people into subscribing so that he’ll eventually leak footage of “Part 2”. Shame on you.

And remember, if or WHEN Activision takes the video down, it’s mostly likely to keep mis-information from spreading and NOT because it’s real…

UPDATE: Surprise, surprise.. Video has been taken down.

  • Broncosnfl15

    i honestly HOPE that is real. 1: That looked pretty cool for beta and my guess would be that theyd do somehting cooler for the real thing. 2:ZOMBIES CAMPAIGN!!!????????????that would be awsome!

  • Future Ray

    it is true, im from the future and thats what the menu is gunna look like, tho its also going to be the last CoD to come out, but i’ve already said too much……..

  • AmazingSuperHick

    Activision wont take it down. BUT…..enough people filede complaints against it for being a scam and whatnot so Youtube removed it

  • Activision wont be assed its free advertising

  • I too was informed of this video recently, although I expect it to be fake…if it is – I imagine the video creator might have taken the same approach in that the number 2 might be the same font as the Black Ops wording – Bank Gothic, a very probably assumption, since this is what you have done for this site too does not necessarily mean they ripped your logo, when it’s the same font as the Black Ops wording…?

    It’ll be like me creating a MW4 logo and using a 4 in the same font as the 3, then saying it’s my logo and someone else copied it…it’s not enough evidence to prove it’s fake.

    I don’t believe it’s real, but I don’t think you should credit yourselves as the only people to have made that logo…when it’s not original. If you look at the logo on the menu – it has differences so it’s not a direct copy from here. If you look close enough, you can see what that logo has that yours doesn’t…

    • Jaeshcke

      You are retarded if you cant tell its the SAME logo. Its 100% identical. Dumbass

      • It has the same font, but is not 100% identical, the positioning is different, the “2” is under the C and the K on the main menu, not under the K and closer to the O in Ops. It’s the original Call of Duty Black Op’s logo with the number 2 under it in the same font as Black Ops – Bank Gothic. This is a common font for CoD. It’s used in MW3 in some parts, even the countdown timer before a game begins…

        The point I am making is, if anyone was to want to create a Black Ops 2 logo, it’s a lot simpler than copying and pasting the logo here, removing the black background, inverting the colours and then fading out for an effect.

  • Opsnake123

    I call bullshit

  • Grantw144

    If this somehow is real, and there is a zombie campaign I might cry. ZOMBIES FTW!

  • could be true…..cuz black ops had a leaked menu screen and it was real…so maybe this is real.

  • Dhgf4m0us

    they don’t even hace the right Black Ops 2 logo -_- come on now. This isn’t news

  • Stephen mako