Second Chance..  oh yes, that perk that you hear about all the time. Complaint after complaint, yet it still appears. It started off in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare as Last Stand. Last stand gave you one last chance to shoot the person who killed you with your pistol sidearm. Then returned in MW2 as Last Stand but added the feature to crawl. Then in Black Ops it returned as Second Chance, but Treyarch pushed it a little to far (We’ll explain). Then it returned to MW3 as a death streak in which if you survive, you could stand back up!

In Black Ops Second Chance was the one thing that made me want to throw my controller at the screen. You would shoot someone then they would get into the Second Chance mode. They would be on the ground with their weapon still shooting, but the worst part, they could be revived by their teammates. What were you thinking  Treyarch? Please, please, please, Treyarch do NOT bring Second Chance, Last Stand, or any form of this back into Black Ops 2. It ruined the “fast pace” basics of Call Of Duty. The reason why we played Call of Duty was lost at some points because of this feature. Yes I understand how you guys say “what about the new comers?” Give them other death streaks, like in MW3, Juiced. It is NON-Lethal, and doesn’t piss people off. Treyarch, I know you guys care CoD community, so please leave out this feature/perk/whatever-other-form-you-are-thinking-about.

When we asked a few folks on twitter, @DiRizz responded, “No, because it’s the worst perk ever created in Call of Duty.” And @GBP480 said, “No because Treyarch would get to much complaints for that”. And @the_gibbymanx said, “no cause all people do is whine about it and that’s annoying, personally I have no gameplay problems with it, but wouldn’t use it”.


What do you want to see return/not return/change in Black Ops 2? Let us know in the comments below.

  • NTG Havok

    no 2nd chance Please, it was mentioned a few months ago that 2nd chance ruined Black Ops by one of the main guys at Treyarch, they must be stupid to bring it back whether it’s a perk or not. Listen to the community something that IW don’t.

  • TABO

    Watch this video now, black ops 2 menu leaked: PROBABLY FAKE

  • cycle

    no idea why ppl consider it bad…no one is forced to help and it costs a perk slot. i hope it will be back and treyarch doesn´t listen to the community. (shotguns being secondary weapons and commando perk were perfectly fine)

  • lMattW

    MW2 had Final Stand as a death streak and Last Stand as a perk. Black Ops improved a bit by including only the perk. But MW3 improved even more by removing the perk, and including 2 deathstreaks, Final Stand and Dead Man’s Hand. I don’t like them, but the deathstreak is better by a mile, because it shows it’s ugly face so much less.

  • Jamon79

    Last stand 1st appeared in COD4 as a perk.
    In WaW, you were able to be revived out of last stand by other people who were using the perk.
    In MW3, last stand pro let you use equipment, and final stand first appeared. After surviving 30 seconds of final stand, you were auto-revived. Also, adding the ability to crawl while in “stand”.
    BO added 2nd chance pro, which allowed anybody to revive a downed teammate.
    Finaly, in MW3 deadman’s hand give’s players the ability to explode while in final stand.
    All in all, last/final/2nd stand/chance is only getting worse in CoD.

  • gibbymanx

    Pretty sure Vahn tweeted about how he realised how much of a mistake it was, so I’d be very surprised if it came back.

  • Broncosnfl15

    yah….please no second chance or anything else to that effect.. Question did Blops have deathstreaks… if so i really hope they dont come back.

  • Failscreenshot

    i hate second chance, but that screenshot is a terrible representation of black ops second chance.. they use pistols!!!

  • Repleteorb2

    I almost got my black bird than the second chancre killed me so no I do not want second chance returning