This video is to sad to watch.. the first half brought back so many memories, but the second half made me rage..

Infinity Ward & Treyarch,
Please don’t give up on these games. We know it’s no longer a source of income for Activision but a LOT of fans (myself included) would love to go back and play these some times while waiting for the next DLC to hit. We’re confident we shouldn’t see hacks this extreme anymore in future Call of Duty games because a system is in place for hot fixes now, but try and listen to the fans who dont want their last memory of their favorite games to end up like this..

  • $8549735

    It annoys me how they ignore greatness that is Cod4 and WaW and instead focuss on one of the worst Call of Duty’s ever made.

  • Chris

    When does overwatch come to psn?

  • Risiiii

    I wouldn’t go as far as worst Cod’s since WaW but they really shoul allow some sort of community management of people in game. They have enough resources to stick someone on the situation and fix it. Can’t turn a blind eye here anymore.

  • Bryson

    mw2 was also an amazing game. i really hope they fix that one too. and for some reason i can’t play mw2. everytime i try signing in it brings me back to the ps3 home screen. please infinity ward fix these cod games.

  • Giovanni1289

    Even though I play mw3 I saddens me to see games ive had so many memories in being slowly destroyed #damn hackers