UPDATE: On the official Call of Duty MW3 forums, Infinity Ward Dev G IH A IN ID II posted a quick update to this situation. He stated:

“A modding group created a viral mod, which we prevented from spreading within twelve hours yesterday. Sadly, in ‘protest’ at our ability to disable this they are now inviting player’s to private matches where they reset their stats. We have a fix for this in the works and are backing up player’s stats so that we can restore them if needed next week. In the meantime avoid friend invites from ANYONE not on your friend list.”


BREAKING NEWS: We believe this was just confirmed by Infinity Ward’s Fourzerotwo just minutes ago.. Still trying to get clarification, we’ll keep you posted.


  • Trinness

    This happened to my sons game play about 2 hours ago. It still is going on.

  • Dave Linge

    All weekend-FFA matches turned into CTF, 1vs1 was team deathmatch, 18 player FFA games with mad spawn camping, minuscule health, etc. For a minute, I thought I was playing MW2. Totally unplayable. I reported the lobbies. As of Thursday, Sept 12th, 2012, no more modded/hacked lobbies. Restored my faith in IW and their claim they will take action against hackers/modders. Thanks IW! I can play again! Yeah, I’m 50 years old and I play video games, and damn proud of it!

  • Dave Linge

    Now, if Treyarch/Activision would just fix Cod:WaW, I would be soooo happy! Paid $60 for a game that is unplayable on multiplayer on xbox live. And they are still selling the DLC for full price! What a joke!

  • Dave Linge

    Spoke too soon. 2:36 a.m. Pacific time Sept. 13th, 2012, the 18 player FFA’s are back. Back to Skyrim until they get this fixed.

  • My9zspark

    I get glitched every couple lobbies no help here I report them and next game they wind up on my team really trying to hold on but getting peeved