Every month PS3 players are left wondering when they’ll get their chance to call in their first killstreak in the brand new DLC map. And every month Xbox players respond to their cries to Activision and tell them to be patient, which is easy to say when your’re bored of the new maps already. Our staff writer Keshav (@Kkiller14) is the only PS3 player on the staff and is a loud voice in the PS3 community and is one of those people fighting the losing battle between PS3 and Activision. Rather then hear his pleas to Activision every month, I challenged him to a debate to settle the war once and for all… I’m not holding back…


The “Xbox VS. PS3” Debate:

Xbox 360 (Victor)
Keshav, Im not even sure where to start.. PS3 will always be second to Xbox, in releases, announcements, and marketing and this should be no surprise. Back on June 1st, 2009 at the E3 Modern Warfare 2 event, Activision and Microsoft announced an exclusive deal to receive DLC first which was eventually renewed on June 14th, 2010 before Black Ops was released. The deal granted exclusive rights to Microsoft which expires at the end of THIS year. PS3 WILL always get DLC and announcements but approximately 1 month after Xbox..

PS3 (Keshav)
It is very easy to say “PS3 will always be second to Xbox”. And Activision knows that the PS3 community is much bigger than Xbox players think. Looking at sales numbers over 11 million MW3 copies sold for ONLY PS3. 11 MILLION. PS3 players are the exact same as Xbox players. Both consoles are excellent. Where does the issue come then? $$$. The folks at Activision care about money, and money only. They could care less about the community. PS3 players have always wanted things, DLC. Ok MW2/BlackOps we got DLC second sure. We ALL had to pay $15. For MW3 NO. We ALL paid $50 for Elite. And Elite has not delivered anything but DLC. It took Activision until MARCH 2012 to tell us that we are getting DLC from Feb to Oct. Not when we bought ELITE…

Xbox 360 (Victor)
Money? Of course all they care about is money? LOL They’re a BUSINESS!.. Their main focus is profit, not the community. The fact is, Microsoft cared more about the community then Sony did because they paid up. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at SONY for not paying for other exclusives. Instead, Sony thought Battlefield 3 would be a better investment and gave their money to EA, we all know how well that worked.. I do concede however to “PS3-ELiTE delay not being properly explained” when ELiTE was sold, Activision should have made that more clear to PS3 buyers BEFORE Nov. 8th.

PS3 (Keshav)
Misleading is simply the most outright complaint we have. The Beachhead updated their FAQs one week before launch stating PS3 Elite members still get DLC later. I understand the business non-sense but giving 11 MILLION players a “stay tuned” every day isn’t going to work much longer. I do not understand that. We all want equality like the Call of Duty: World at War days. DLC same time for everyone. But adding all this together PS3 players feel “ignored” “hated-on” by ATVI. They do not apologize. They just say “oh yeah wait hold on” “your DLC is coming” or “coming to other platforms at a later date”. WHAT IS THAT LATER DATE! That’s the problem with ATVI. Cannot be transparent with other platforms..
P.S: I am not even gonna start about how PC players feel ;P

Xbox 360 (Victor)
Your constant pleas to Activision are going unheard. Activision has had a marketing plan since before MW3 was even released. Im sure they probably already have a secret calendar somewhere which indicates when all the maps will come out, and when all the announcements will occur. Fact is, the exclusive contract (which no one has seen because its not public) probably indicates that they are not allowed to promote/discuss/or acknowledge PS3 DLC till a month after Xbox which is why you hear “stay tuned” a lot.. A contract is a legal binding document, more then likely Activision has heard the PS3 community the last 3 years but they cant do anything about it until the contract expires..




PS3 (Keshav)

To close: Activision needs to become transparent with the PS3 fans. TRANSPARENT is what we PS3/PC players want. Come Fall 2012 ATVI will be supporting TWO Sony devices with CoD. PS3 & PS VITA, and ONE from MS. We want something from ATVI other than “stay tuned” 4 weeks after Xbox got Collection 1. FOUR WEEKS. NOT ONE DAY. FOUR WEEKS. The time for Activision to put a date on the content on a website and not publicly announce is enough. Enough is enough with ATVI making PS3 players feel ripped off. And to state this, ATVI only  does this non-sense to PS3 players on their most profitable series, Call of Duty. Hm…

Xbox 360 (Victor)
This one is gonna sting.. The exclusive agreement is almost 2 1/2 years old, which means you had 30 months to buy an Xbox 360 if you really cared about Call of Duty and getting DLC as soon as possible. You chose to purchase a PS3, probably because of other great games like Uncharted and..and.. well the point is you always have a choice to get DLC on day one, it just needs to be on a Xbox 360 with the other 12.8 million Call of Duty fans.

I agree, Activision should have announced BEFORE Nov 8th that PS3 ELiTE subscribers will still be getting DLC a month after XBox, even with the ELiTE “get DLC first” promo. The only point Im trying to make, is that NOTHING will change until after December 31st, 2012. The only argument that should be made is “why weren’t we told BEFORE Nov 8th?” and asking for dates and PS3 announcements now will be a waste of time…

So, who won? Pick your side and voice your opinions in the comments below

  • Daniel Shaw27

    PS3!!!! because the Play Station was made before Xbox nuff said.

    • Really? just because it was made first are you serious is that all you got?

    • ThatRottonApple

      Ok Nintendo is older than all of them, are they better than the PS3 and Xbox?

      • You have to admit they are brilliant for games lol, not so much for hardware.

    • Xbox 360 was released 1 year before PS3, does that make it better? Not necessarily, without trying to bash my own console, things made later are more up to date with the latest hardware. Xbox Live was launched 4 years before Sony’s Playstation Network, does that make it better? Not necessarily, however on the contrary form my last point with the online gaming network things are better with age in my opinion and hence Microsoft knows where to look for a deal whereas Sony seem to be going around trying to get deals left, right and centre for less popular games.
      So all in all I’m sticking with my home console.

      • GromBloodboy

        Try playing on the Wii. We have been outrighted screwed on both patches, updates, and DLC for 4 years. Neither the Xbox360 or PS3 nor the PC players should complain. At least your games aren’t hacked on day 1, every year.

      • UDK450

        One problem. Hardware wide, the PS3 is better. But since X360 came out a whole year earlier, developers were more use to 360, so they just kept programming for 360 and ported to ps3. Pure laziness and no respect for your consumers in my opinion. You may call it business, but it’s the kind of business that hurts rather than helps. However, the developing platform for ps3 is also quite unconventional compared to what developers have been use to in the past. But instead of learning to program for this more powerful platform, they just ported it over, often resulting in ps3 getting the short end of the stick.

    • No matter how much I love my PS3. You are wrong. Xbox 360 came first. Even though PlayStation has more generations. PS1, PS2, PS3. Xbox, Xbox 360. Xbox 360 came first.

  • ThatRottonApple

    You both put up a valid argument. I was actually thinking Keshav was right up until the closer from Victor. You had 30 months to buy a 360, If it bothered you that much you would have. And yes, ELITE brought ALOT of confusion for systems in terms of DLC. But I feel they (Beachhead/Activision) did not have to say DLC was coming later for PS3 and PC. The contract was set to expire at the end of this year, this was known since it was announced. I (not trying to be rude) think the PS3/PC community’s got ahead of them selves and was hoping the contract could just be “forgotten”. And when it wasn’t it p*ssed you guys off even more.

  • Joseph5117

    PS3 for the win!

  • Koedy

    Victor. Business is business.

  • AmazingSuperHick

    Really Daniel? Last i checked the Xbox 360 was developed and released before the PS3. Therefore your entire argument is completely invalid.

    Not to mention Xbox 360 is lead platform with ALL CoD games since CoD2. Simply because developers have said its too hard to develop on PS3.

    As Victor said……dont blame Activision or Microsoft for the deal. MS cares about its community. Blame Sony for not giving a shit about its community of gamers and not even attempting a deal. And the one deal they did try with EA completely failed.

    • vikings622

      Lol not even trying. Sony probably tried, but since Microsoft has a fee for XBL and PSN doesn’t, they had more money laying around for deals like this. Also if Sony didn’t give a shit about the gamers, they would have not made the improvements to PSN over the last few years, and gave a welcome back package are the PSN Outage

  • DzK OliverNorth

    As an avid PC player I have long wondered which console would be the best to buy. This debate though devoid of any real comparison between consoles spells out my only gripe about playing PC; no respect and nothing new since Drop Zone. Any they wanted to pull DZ! PS players have no business whining about second class citizenry until they’ve been relegated to a PC. It’s too bad your debate didn’t include graphics, lag or performance but what was made clear is that XBox360 is the console of choice. When I buy mine, it’ll only be for Call of Duty. Thank you guys.

    • Here what you should buy: What you want. What do you want to play? Do you watch movies? PS3. Do you have more friends on Xbox or PS3? It is up to YOU. What you prefer. What you want. Not what anyone else tells you. ONLY YOU. Do what you want and makes you happy 🙂 I bought PS3 for Blu-Ray/play some of my PS2 games, and to play Uncharted.

  • Eko

    So…..if you’re a CoD fan buy an xbox.

    If you want the best console buy a PS3.

    • Looks that way. But I bought PS3 for Uncharted and Resistance and CoD

  • David Long

    What have you started Charlie?!?!?!!

  • Priestly


  • Madsurfer355

    Both consoles have their pro and cons when it comes to gaming. Personally I have primarily a ps3 as I’m a ps fan from day 1 but I also have a xbox360 for the kinect for the kids, I Owned black ops On both consoles. In my opinion Xbox has the edge on fixed graphics and this was tested looking at the removals van in the centre of Nuketown from the back of the garage, the writing and sharpness was better on the Xbox over the same viewpoint on ps3, however the actual gameplay seems to flow better and seems faster on the ps3. The main point is we both have good gameplay and dedicated systems to run these types of games yes we bitch and moan about the whole COD exclusivity deal but as someone pointed out activision are a corporate company out for profit
    Margins and pleasing there shareholders, they are out to make money irrelevant of whole or what they do to get there. They are trying to work with both parties to give the best experiences but sometimes the syst fails all of us, just look at PC and WII they get the rough end everytime due to the PS vs XBOX battle that going on. Each to there own I like both consoles, however I prefer PS3 for COD as that’s what I’m used to and the vast majority of
    My friends also own PS3’s thus I get to join them n play some good games, a few friends have XBOX’s and I play with them on occasion ( it takes a few games to get used to the different controller layout) but they are supprised how easy it is to transfer the skills from one console to the other.

    People need to realise that no matter what they say there is no outrite winner in this argument as both have there fans and haters. I may well be labeled as a PS3 fanboy but the truth is I like both consoles for there own merits.

    All most of the COD community want is a good solid game that they enjoy no cheating/lagging and as of this year a secondary system (Elite) that works as described pre-release as its now been 5 months since launch and what have we really had from it?

    DLC, yes it works out slightly cheaper to pre-buy via elite premium. But for most that wasn’t the main draw for the service.

    Elite was sold to the general community as a service that allowed users to create and join clans then take on other clans in battles, gain XP, via Clan Ops and Clan Challenges. But in the 5 months it’s been out there have been 5 Clan Ops for each console with if you ask me is taking the piss a little and is there any sign of Clan Challenges out there?

  • Thedropzone5

    Sony don’t give a fuck about CoD because why would they bother? They don’t want to bother with millions, I’d rather wait a few months. However Microsoft want to squeeze everything out of their customers, and that will work because, lets not lie, the majority who play CoD are underage pre-pubescent kids so who’s at fault here? A company who endorses underage players to generate more revenue? Or a company who cares about other genre’s of game which players want to use.

  • rango

    Well if wr have to pay for online play then we deserve a perk for paying

  • :O, so Keshav is KKiller on my friends list, i didnt know it was him, even though his status is charlieINTEL.com, cool, i think there are both valid points but keshav has some good points, putting across, tough decision :S

  • Cmans52

    if you really want to know about the difference between players of the systems PS3 players use all the guns when most players on XBOX use the ACR or the MSR we PS3 players dont have modded controllers XBOX does its like what PS3 players hate the most is the campers or the drop shotters which XBOX does but in all conclusion if it came down to a battle on Friday Night Fights PSS3 would MURDER!!! coming from myself a PS3 fan from the beggining!!

    • LoNeZiLLa

      There is no problem with jumpshotting or dropshotting. When you compare the best of the best CoD players, PS3 players have better gunskill and play more aggressive, because of poor framerate and hit-detection…you compensate for that by having better gunskill. Xbox players play slower because they have better hit-detection, which means your shots will register faster = you die faster = you hard zoom more = slower gameplay.
      A PS3 Team won the MW2 and Black Ops MLG National Championships. Which makes it seem like PS3 players are >
      In response to the dropshotting, EVERY SINGLE GOOD PLAYER DROPSHOTS PERIOD! These “it’s not realistic”, “it takes no skill” noobs do something that actually takes NO SKILL at all, it’s called Panic Knifing…aka you hit the knife button, and the game does the rest for you.

  • Rabas2004

    I’m a PS3 player, and there’s actually a good side to the contract: you get to see the others get robbed sometimes, so you can only buy the “good” maps

  • Guest

    so you are saying if i cared about cod, i should pay another 300-400 dollars on an xbox, and then still have to buy the games and maps and pay to play online? uumm… not worth a month of patience. a TERRIBLE argument.

  • LoNeZiLLa

    IMO waiting for the DLC to come to PS3 is only a small problem. There are other issues…
    Black Ops has a problem with framerate, it runs at about 40-50 fps on PS3, and 50-60 on Xbox. So far on every Call of Duty since CoD4, Xbox has been superior in terms of hit-detection (especially on Black Ops), and the graphics looked better on Xbox as well. Then came MW3, the hit-detection on both systems seem to be almost exactly the same…one is not better than the other. When it comes to graphics and sound quality on MW3, PS3 is slightly better. It looks like IW was able to fix those issues, but will Treyarch be able to do it for Black Ops 2?

    Vonderhaar is listening to the MLG community, he also supports MLG. He has asked what would need to be changed/fixed for CoD to better for Competitive. With this support, Black Ops 2 will most likely get picked up for the Pro Circuit by MLG (unlike MW3, because of lack of support and other problems with the game), which means that MLG would have to decide which console it would be played on.

    Sony has a 2 year contract with MLG stating that there has to be a game on PS3 on the Circuit. This contract expires this year. This contract is the reason Black Ops was on the Circuit for PS3 and not Xbox, which shows that Sony does support the community. However, when this contract is up, MLG will go with whichever system is better suited for Competitive. Which is the Xbox, because of Party Chat (At LAN Events you sit next to your teammates and are allowed to talk to each other even when you’re dead in S&D), and a larger community. The only way Sony will have a chance to get Black Ops 2 on the Circuit for PS3 is if they somehow added Party Chat, or made a new contract with MLG. Also Treyarch would have to develop the game so no system is better than the other in terms of hit-detection and framerate.

    • da_xavier

      Not really. Astro’s have a Boom attached to them which connects your teams headsets that allows communication among the headsets connected on both consoles with out need of party chat. Also When in a game i do believe that not only do they mute the other team so no call outs can be heard but the party chat function is useless considering in game Voice chat. The voice chat argument is wrong for the fact in game Voice chat is available and muting the opposing team is what they do in MLG matches and like i stated most MLG guys have Astros so they just link up that way.

      I hope Treyarch dosen’t pull another Port the game and screw it deal with the ps3. Because that’s exactly what they did and didn’t even try to improve the game at all with its Defects. If they did there wouldn’t be the problems there are on the PS3 side of black ops. but even with the problems the game still plays great.

  • Mitch

    This just shows that xbox players are dicks.

  • baws

    Its the same god dammit just buy the won that you think you gona like