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UPDATE 1: We were able to obtain a hi-res image, still skeptical.

UPDATE 2: Commentator “Alex Smith”, posted a hi-res screenshot of the official web site before it was supposedly taken down..still..a little..skeptical..

Apparently, anything posted on the official Call of Duty forums that is Black Ops 2 related and taken down is real, according to Examiner.comAgain, we’re bringing this to you because it’s already spread all over the internet and again, we say it’s fake.

Staff writer Keshav pointed out that the logo is missing the registered trademark logos (ex. TM,®) which is found on all previous Call of Duty logos. Also suspect is the fact that the image is extremely low-res and the image is easily duplicated (as seen in our very own mock image).  And why announce the date of the reveal UNDER the logo? Normal viral marketing campaigns make you go through all kinds of hard work just to figure out the date, then once that date arrives you’re rewarded with the reveal of the product along with it’s official logo. Who ever came up with the image remembers that the original Black Ops was revealed on April 30th (a friday) which is probably why they picked a similar date.

For those anxiously waiting for the reveal of the next Call of Duty, here are some dates to remember..

We already reached out to Activision for comment however we only received an acknowledgement that they’re aware, unfortunetly they don’t comment on rumors and speculations.

SOURCE:  Examiner.com

  • Broncosnfl15

    NOW im excited

  • The Flash

    guys it really is real I have a screenshot of this logo on the cod website before taken down

    • C4bbageface

      Send me the pic

  • The Flash


  • Hi Alex, did you see this website for yourself? Let me know.

    • The Flash

      no I’ll make this quite clear I DID NOT TAKE THAT SCREENSHOT, I found it floating around the web and since no-one seemed to make much noise out of it, I saved it and uploaded it on to here, however I did try to access the website, and then the page looked as if it was going to load something but then I was taken to an error, but its interesting they say error rather than the 404 warning ‘Page not found’ which kinda means the website exists but there locking it off.

      • The Flash

        So yeah if it does turn out to be fake (which I believe it is real) then don’t hate me or say I photoshopped it because its not mine someone else could’ve made it, but I believe its real, personally I think most of these leaks are real, as Treyarch’s items always seemed to be leaked early like Escalation/Annihilation, then we got Rezurrection, but everyone thought it was Retaliation (even me up to a point), but I think Treyarch deliberately leaked that to draw attention away from the fact they were making an all zombie map pack, coz if they didnt give that out, then Rezurrection would be leaked, so they wanted to lead us off course and it worked for many of us, maybe there leading us off course with Black Ops 2…

        • Thanks for your reply. As of now, we at charlieINTEL are skeptical. Thanks

          • The Flash

            i can see why but who knows guess now we’ll have to wait

  • alex

    looks pretty legit to me and im kind of hyped about it…. just me i like rumours and leaks like this

  • AmazingSuperHick

    Its hard telling in this day and age considering how easy it is to fake stuff now. We wont know for sure until the 28th

  • DxJS

    Being a freelance graphic designer, I’m calling fake.
    The logos in each image are slightly altered, and in the first one, they literally copied “Black Ops” from the original BO logo and just increased the contrast on the text.
    Also, in the website screenshot, they’re using the same guy from the BO case/disk, and the glass or whatever on the left side of the page is extremely low-res compared to the rest. The effects on everything on that page also look overly basic and amateur.
    99.9% sure this is fake. Perhaps, they’ll reveal on that date, but these images are fake.

  • The Flash

    I could be wrong but on every other website it says the black ops reveal trailer was on April 28th not 30th, which would mean the same date as Black Ops 2 may be shown

  • The Flash

    lol what do you guys think of this? (its not real)

  • The Flash

    now it appears black ops 2 is up for pre-order on Steam, definately fake since this was discovered mere hours ago and is now no longer on there.