Never before in the history of Call of Duty has DLC been announced just 9 hours prior to launch. With still no official press release, PR image assets and full length trailer, it’s a wonder if this is a new marketing strategy or just a minor hiccup in announcements. One thing is for sure, the trailer featuring Robert Bowling is missing in action.

If you remember back on March 22nd during the Google Live stream, Fourzerotwo first hinted April’s new drops and also casually mentioned that he had just come from Activision studios and filmed a piece that would be featured in next months trailer, a trailer that is no where to be seen..

It’s understandable that Robert Bowling would be cut from the trailer since he’s no longer an Activision employee but it also raises the question “Why film it if you’re leaving?”. Which means as of March 22nd, Activision, Infinity Ward and/or Robert Bowling did not realize that he’d be leaving only 4 days later

SOURCE: Google Live Stream

  • Adam

    I think his departure was planned before the release of MW3. there is only so much time anyone can spend on 1 project before ultimately looking for something new.

    Also he probably doesn’t agree with the way Activision was destroying one of the greatest franchises of all time.

  • Gorillaunit50cent

    I think he got fired but they allowed him to resign to save face

  • JohnClark_R6

    I think he quit because of DLC. He wanted to give throwback maps for free and Activision wanted to charge. Funny how now the spec ops missions have been changed to maps. If any of the maps next month are throw backs or re-creations then maybe we will know. I am sure he quit.