Ignore the “cheesy” Just Bieber song and pay attention to the gameplay clips which are great examples of what needs to be fixed in Call of Duty.

Some of the Black Ops 2 requests in the video:

-Balanced Guns
-Smaller Maps
-Dedicated Servers
-No More Ghost
-Better Hit Detection.
-No more panic Knife Kills

SOURCE: TryHardNinja

  • Rick Kump

    Dedicated servers won’t happen on consoles, the guns are mostly balanced in 3Arc games except for one or two guns and this might be the first time I’ve heard anyone say they want smaller maps…I only hear about how the maps are all too small as is.

    That said, the song is funny and I’m sure Vahn will get a kick out of it.

  • Bryson

    better sniper rifles too. NO MORE HITMARKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ps3fuckedintheass

    Smaller maps can bollocks off. The larger more spacious maps allow for more strategic gameplay and better spawns.

    The smaller the map, the more crampt the spawns and more chance of spawning near someone.

    In my opinion Black Ops maps were perfect size. Even the larger ones like Discovery seemed to have more action than the larger MW3 maps like Outpost.

    The rest, for sure are all valid points. But if they take Stealth Bomber out of Support, then take UAV out of Assault.