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Kotaku has once again obtained a picture of a supposed leaked “Black Ops 2” Poster, and it looks like something big is coming May 2nd.

Activision has already refused to comment on the poster. Our gut says this is real, we’ll update you if we hear more..


-“Return for Debriefing” implies a sequel (Black Ops 2).
-it also implies the CIA wants Alex mason to “return” after the events of Black Ops.
-More than likely we’ll see a Trailer on May 2nd (Wednesday)

SOURCE: Kotaku

  • Big Ronnie

    This is why Charlie Intel freakin ROCKS!!!

    • thanks for the nice comment 🙂

  • uh…. that’s in less than a month!

  • SpL1tSeCsH00tR

    Can’t wait , thanks for the info

  • ps3fuckedintheass

    Were there any similar posters for previous games? I can’t see why they would have a poster like this… It also looks quite small when compared to what looks like a laptop in the background.

    Don’t expect much even if it is real anyway, it’ll just be a teaser and the first MW3 teasers sucked balls. I’d expect the first time we see proper gameplay will be during E3 during Microsoft’s time as before.

    And if they announce the renewal of their DLC deal, my God!

    • DarkestFate

      maybe its just a teaser poster thats why its small, maybe, but if BO2 is released i would be very happy

  • Hou5eR

    last two cod’s ive gotten my leak info here i love you charlieINTEL

  • Crumeo

    Maybe its just me, but doesnt that silouhette look a lot like the leaked menu screen that was previously posted a while back? That was was all in white, kind of like the opposite of this poster.

  • The Flash

    not my image but a fb page has been made for blops 2, with a better image. Could be real but link still doesnt work

  • The Flash

    other image, i think these are real Treyarch are trying to get hype, more pics on this link http://www.facebook.com/botwo/photos

  • Ok, so I heard it was the 28th april, Oh well I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled no matter what day they announce it!!

  • Vonderhaar

    I definitely feel this game is going to be extremely exciting. Go Black Ops Future Warfare!!!!

  • Narlion5

    Black Ops 2 will be in a November 13 not that date …

  • Reilly

    The poster is at Gamestop. They say the date of 5-2-12 is the trailer date. Black ops 2 will be out in November.