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UPDATE: charlieINTEL has been able to confirm with our local GameStop that they have received these promotional images from Activison and that on May 2nd, “preorders will begin for this new game”.

It’s looking more and more like the leaked poster for “Black Ops 2” is real. A clearer image appeared from a GameStop employee along with a second image (above) of a marketing stand for in-store use which shows the “05-02-12” date again along with 15 boxes for “Multi”. It’s still anybody’s guess as to what those squares mean. We think Multi might have something to so with “multi-platform”.

The biggest news to come out of this is the reference to “Call of Duty: ECLIPSE” in the GameStop marketing material. The words “Activision Project” were also noted.. It’s still unclear if ECLIPSE is the sequel to Black Ops or a brand new title, however the “return for debriefing” still implies it’s a sequel for Treyarch.

SOURCE: Gamerplex

  • The Flash

    A fb page has been made for BLOPS 2 which i do believe is official http://www.facebook.com/botwo

  • Guest

    The facebook page seems legit… This is what’s in the ‘about’ section:

    Basic Info
    Started April 5, 2012
    Release Date 12.11.12

    This would mean the launch is on 12.11.12…and not the 13th…

    • The Flash

      not necessarily, it could be 11th December, and reason why it might be hold back is 1. if the FB page is legit, then the new engine may need more time, 2. coz PS3/PC users content drops are delayed there last content drop is in OCTOBER, if BLOPS 2 released in November it would be too close to the MW3 content, and for a fan-made page i cant see someone adding all that precise info, like the trademarks which is why believe its real and the page is hype

      • ps3fuckedintheass

        Perhaps the next-gen is coming this year for a holiday season release and it is out in December to allow it to be a launch title for the next-gen, let’s start that rumour 😀

        Does seem too late, especially if they’re taking pre-orders from May. 7 months of pre-ordering, 7 months of hype, too much!

        You’re right about MW3 DLC though, they screwed up big time on the timing for that.

        • The Flash

          yeah but Gadget Show live this year gave out a brouchure and it confirmed the game to be BLOPS 2, and would be for 360, PS3, PC, Wii and it also gave campaign details and a Zombies confirmation

  • ps3fuckedintheass

    I’d imagine the stand boxes might be for pre-order cards.

    Also, there was an ‘Eclipse’ easter egg in a BO zombies map… http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Eclipse_Easter_Egg

  • Crumeo

    LOL, I have to call BS on this. If the stand is erected now, it will spoil whatever is coming on May 2 with the within pre-order cases. If it is erected after that date then it has no point of existing (they can just put up a proper stand with the released info, whatever that may be)