Looks real to me guys…


  • The Flash

    ha i knew it, i think that fb page is real, since the date and logos are the same

  • Riley

    look at the date the format is dd/mm/yy it’s never like that it’s always mm/dd/yy look at all the previous posters for all the call of duty’s they all say month day then year it looks fake to me

    • Riley you idiot, as its from a Germany the date format is right; only Armerica uses mm/dd/yy

    • The Flash

      its a uk poster, the date is correct for us, and i think this page is right after all http://www.facebook.com/botwo

    • Guy

      They have Already Released The God Damn Dates It IS 13.11.12

      • Guy

        As dd/mm/yy

  • Repleteorb2

    It is real ysaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    its a uk / europe poster, its like that in the uk, we don’t use the retarded USA format.

    • Gabriel

      Why do they want to be different? Why don’t they use the metric system and normal date formats?

  • Ghostbusters55

    dude its a german poster they put date first then month then year