Multiple sources seem to believe that this static/blurry image is of a future/modern prototype “Quad Rotor Drone” as seen in this FPSrussia video. If this is the case, is Activision about to reveal a “Future Warfare” Call of Duty? We probably wont know for sure until the 7 classified unlocks and trailer are revealed. We’re just a little puzzled on how Black Ops/Eclipse could take place in the future if it’s continuing any story arch.

One reason we feel this might be true is because we’ve never seen this type of hand gun. I like to consider myself a “gun expert” but this gun seems like it’s out of Robocop or Halo..


UPDATE: Confirmed!! has been updated and REVEALED the static image, it has now been cleared up and LINKS directly to the FPSrussia video:

  • Elcaca123

    it´s strange

  • GeneralKipkerry

    Maybe is it a new Special Weapon for Zombies?

  • MoRT

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier Drone:

  • The Flash

    its either for zombies, or its a new killstreak in multiplayer like the recon drone

  • Jacobinselmann

    maybe it IS for multiplayer. What if when the map packs come out, the whole pack is based on a specific era (’80’s, ’90’s…) then as the zombies story progresses, the multiplayer story progresses aswell?

    • The Flash

      i like your idea, every map pack that comes out is a different era, so map pack one 70s, pack 4 the future(zombies)

  • Razlo7

    Thanks for using my enhanced image of the quad rotor. (@razlo7 on twitter)
    Anyway, the only big question that remains, since this FPSRussia video is obviously part of the viral marketing, is: Who or what is Tacitus?
    @TheFPShow teased this on twitter and there’s also a quick annotation that pops up in the beginning of the video on his shirt; it just says ‘hmm…’
    Also, considering the depth of Treyarch’s viral marketing techniques, I wouldn’t be surprised if the equipment on the table in this video are from Black Ops 2, as well.

  • Razlo7

    And to provide a bit of extra proof (as if it was needed): If you look at the bottom left of the screen at the end of the video, he’s thanking the people from Call of Duty for sponsoring it. 😛

  • Alex Mason

    The pistol just looks like a 1911 with some sort of rail to me…

  • The Flash

    am i only the one confused, its april 24th and nothing today has been unlocked

    • ps3fuckedintheass

      Just been updated, now there’s no date on the image 🙁

      • ps3fuckedintheass

        and after I posted this they updated the site again! 02.jpg is still classified but 03.jpg is now a Tacitus image.

      • Guest

        Its still there, you just clicked on the wrong image. look for the one that ends 02 since they are numbered.

        • The Flash

          i did post the above 6 hours ago, im aware its changed now

  • Aaron96

    TACTICUS (IT SAYS IT ON HIS TOP) MEANS TACTICAIN FROM DUTCH TO ENGLISH! There will be tacticians in BO2, strike packages? any use to anyone?

    • Mitch

      It says Tacitus, idiot.

    • Aaron96

      Sods, me no English very well.