According to @Oldarobot, in Roman history theres a reference to Tactitus  and how he saw an eclipse, “Soon after the death of Augustus, Tacitus mentions a lunar eclipse, which has been identified with the eclipse of September 27, 14 CE.” Also Tacitus in Latin means “secret”. In a strange coincidence earlier today, www.TACITUS.com became active today minutes after CallOfDuty.com tweeted the image. Unfortunately, there is a lot of evidence piled up that suggest the web site is NOT part of a viral marketing campaign..

SOURCE: CallOfDuty.com Via @ItsYouTubeDude

And minutes before the “TACITUS” logo was revealed on CallOfDuty.com we received an exclusive image of one of their “products”:

New Hi-Res Image of “TACITUS QuadRotor”

*Click for Hi-Res.

SOURCE: @PrestigeIsKey

  • Jacobinselmann

    It says something about heroic (or eccentric) minds specializing in positions INCLUDING game design. Possibly Tacitus is a co-developer of Black Ops 2?

    • Nothing seems to back this up now just rumours but if you read the technology they used to work on was a system were you could look around large areas in 3d, this could point to elite 2.0 and a new way to see maps instead of the overview. For all my views on the images, videos and marketing for black ops 2, go to the CharlieINTEL forums http://www.forums.charlieintel.com/topic/423-what-do-we-know-so-far-advance-weapons-the-moon-and-tacitus/page__fromsearch__1

    • ps3fdinthea

      No. They use ‘game design’ to represent data sets. IE, a 3D environment, like you’re used to with gaming, allowing interaction with data and representing data in a unique way. They categorically do NOT make games and the website is entirely unrelated, but of course Tacitus IS in some way. But ignore that site.

  • Mglaze

    Also, note that FPSRussia was wearing a Tacitus shirt in his video which is now linked on callofduty.com.

  • Aaron96

    The index has been pulled down but u can still view this one . http://tacitus.com/images/our_name_tacitus_profile.gif