On April 23rd, Tacitus.com was a blank page. Then minutes after @CallOfDuty revealed the QuadRotor video on the official CallofDuty.com web site on April 24th, Tacitus.com gets updated with a new splash page. As you know, “Tacitus” was prominently displayed on FPSRussia’s t-shirt during the QuadRotor video.

After wide spread investigating from every hardcore CoD fan on the internet yesterday, the general consensus was that it was NOT a viral web site based on the extensive history of the site/company and also because of what WhosIs.com revealed. Still, a huge coincidence.

Further investigation (by multiple sources) revealed that “Howard Coale” is the domain contact person for Tacitus.com. If you look up Howard Coale on LinkdIn, he handles Data Visualization for Sapient.com…. the same Sapient.com that handled marketing for MW3.

HOWEVER,the page was updated today with; “Black Ops 2: Weapons manufacturer in the game. Not us.”

So this means it’s either NOT a viral site AND/OR Activision contacted Tacitus.com and informed them that the traffic spike was related to Black Ops 2 and/or the real Tacitus inadvertently revealed the title.

Who knows.. We give up! Either way it’s news because they had to update their page with it LOL

UPDATE: Β Tacitus.com has now REMOVED the reference to Black Ops 2.

  • Toa-x

    the page was updated with this :Black Ops 2: Weapons manufacturer in the game. Not us.

    • Mitch

      yes what is this?

    • Rick Kump

      It’s such an odd way of saying it. If they really want to lay it to rest, they would put up something like “We are in no way affiliated with Activision or the video game Call of Duty”.

  • Sinister

    I think it is real , because its not a cooinsidence that the same guy working for marketing for cod is the domain contact for it πŸ™‚ and if you turn on the logo it is acctualy the treyarch logo almost πŸ˜€

    • ps3fuckedintheass

      Except the fact that that logo has been used for YEARS, just look on the sites’ archive.org entries.

      He also isn’t working on COD marketing. But he does work for Sapient who did COD marketing. Maybe one coincidence too far, but I spoke with him and he denies it. I’d have expected him to ignore my contact if he wasn’t looking to make sure people know its not anything. Better to say nothing to create more hype in the campaign than deny it.

  • Sinister

    saw it i too πŸ˜€ wow

  • Crumeo

    One too many coincidences for me. I would be very surprised if this is not BO2 related. And, as has been mentioned. That symbol looks an awful lot like the Treyarch logo.

    • ps3fuckedintheass

      See my comment below. This is an old company that has had that website since 1998. COD was not around then. You can find this information by doing a ‘whois’ on the domain name.

      You can use archive.org, which crawls websites and keeps a copy of them, to see old versions of the website. They use the same logo as early as 2005. Unfortunately archive.org doesn’t have images for older copies.

      Whilst I grant you it does look like Treyarch’s logo, this website is categorically not related.

      The company would not have been set up in the 90s before COD existed and neither would Treyarch have began this campaign back in 2005 when we can verify the Tacitus logo first existed.

      The reason they mention gaming is because they use game-like environments to represent and interact with data sets. They do not design games.

      I have spoken with the owner of the site and he has said he is nothing to do with it, I see no reason to doubt him, else he would just ignore me and I’m sure the many others who have emailed him.

      For what its worth though, Tacitus is obviously something big, and I reckon they might be some kind of corporation producing weapons, perhaps the quadrotor kill streak?

      • Crumeo

        i take your point, but with all the signs pointing to COD, the fact that they previously existed 5 years ago isnt really enough to drop this as a possibility. I am sure it wouldnt cost much for activision to buy the rights to some defunct company, especially one that fits so perfectly with what they are up to here. The website is so pointlessly vague, and the domain admin, while glad to email you, has only put up an ominously backwards two sentences which is a sort of denial, but not really (he writes in perfect sentences on the entire page and best denial he comes up with is Not us, which has been taken down btw. No longer denying the link)

      • Henry

        http://www.domaintools.com/research/screenshot-history/tacitus.com/ Ypou have a bunch of images with dates of that site. It doesn’t look like COD related site, in my opinion.

  • AmazingSuperHick

    Its already been confirmed that his site isnt CoD related. So this shouldnt even cross peoples mind when thinking of Tacitus anymore.

    • Nin10gamer

      Please tell me where exactly this “confirmation” is, I’d love to see it. πŸ˜›

      • ps3fuckedintheass

        The email in my inbox from the domain’s owner is a start.

        • Rick Kump

          Because that couldn’t be an Activision marketing person on the other end feeding you lies….

  • Nin10gamer

    haha u gotta love 3arc for playing this little game. I do think this website has something to do with the game despite everyone thinking that its not related

  • Ernst-karsens

    theres something new on the website.. about bo2

  • Guest

    tacitusproject.com redirects you to the Call of Duty site.

  • TehBlahh

    I typed in tacitusproject(dot)com (If you don’t know, Tacitus(dot)com was a inactive, blank siteο»Ώ that has recently been restarted, right around the time BLOPS2 information started to be leaked. If you go there now it has a symbol rather similar to the 3Arc symbol, And it says, “A Visionary Project Begins in 2012”) And tacitusproject(dot)com leads you to ThatGuyWhoCamps YouTube page. BUT it used to take you to The Call of Duty official website. Coincidence? I think not.