These teasers keep getting interesting. An all new animated image has gone live. This image is just many numbers/letters that keep changing. We already tried to see if it was a location, and came up with nothing. We will keep decoding and keep you posted.

UPDATE: Here’s one theory from CoDzForums:



  • The letters could represent what number they are in the alphabet ex.

    34.D4416E,-A98.287886AC1 could be 34.444165,-198.287886131

    • Guest

      0-9 A-F. its hexadecimal

  • Crumeo

    enough numbers for an IP address?

    • Crumeo

      now that i think about it, that doesnt make sense.

      • Is not a IP address, the way you read the numbers is 34.849264 degrees,
        -271.272956371 degrees which you can convert them into direction to be North of 55 degrees, 9 minutes, 2.6496 seconds. and East of 88 degrees 43 minutes, 37.36… seconds.

  • PaxD


  • alex

    somebody put this into a gps and it came up as a street in the netherlands named TACITUS………

  • Pipilinandrade

    It is a coordenate wich if you type i en google maps it takes you to a street of netherlands “coincidentially” named Tacitus wich is sorrounded by other streets wih names of things that are in space: Venus, Pluto, Mercury, Watch the last ActionPackedd video on YouTube for more info about this!

  • Humza210

    N 51° 58′ 57.9918″ E 5° 19′ 39.7862

  • sinan

    it is an street in the netherlands !!!!! tacitus 26 !!!!! i live near rotterdam

  • Whytheapples

    If you take the codes, and replace the letters with the numerical value of a texting keyboard, you get these codes:


    When you put them in ,they all turn out to be real places. I also suggest using ,since it shows the points on the map.

    I’m not sure if this is right, but it seems promising.

  • MoRT
  • Mitch

    They also did these kinda numbers with GKNOVA6 with Black Ops, which all lead to important places in the cold war.

  • Narekcavc101
  • Stbearns

    I think this is going to go on until the actual release of te game. 3arc is going to
    Mindfuc* us on this. Just my 2 cents.

  • Aaron96

    OK Treyarch, I get it, Tacitus is something important but at least tell us what it is! U done a FPS Russia video, posted an image saying Tacticus and now, another code that’s points to a street called Tacitus. When is it gonna stop! let me guess, the next leak on the website is going to be somehow linked back to Tacitus.

    • Mitch

      the numbers don’t point towards that street. Some guy just posted those coordinates, he never said they were related with those codes.

      • Aaron96

        really? I did think that code means something else but it was all over the web so thought it was true as know one proved it was false. I’ll just wait for the trailer for all to be revealed.

        • Mitch

          when you see the guys twitter that gave the coordinates, he didn’t say how he got them, so he has no prove.

          • Aaron96

            Yes, I believe u but in that case, we still have no clue as to what that code means?
            That Machinima vid above seems more promising as to what the code means though.

          • ps3fuckedintheass

            The trouble is – longitude only goes up to +/-180, and the numbers we have are above this.

            That makes me think it isn’t quite what we think.

    • The Flash

      the game will be called Black Ops 2 and Tacitus is a gun manufacturer in game, said it themselves

  • Joe