The logo and release date for Black Ops 2 has now been unofficially confirmed. This image shows a preorder cards for the Xbox 360 and PS3 that were taken from a Target Retail store.

As you can see, release date is 11.13.12 and the logo is BLACK OPS II. It also appears that Target pre-orders include a $5 gift card.

This is clearly same logo on the leaked box art and the same logo we posted earlier this week 😉


  • Mitch

    it also almost confirms that the game will have something with the future, which I hate.

    • Lukeazade

      how does it?

      • Conquistadorjordan

        Maybe it’s a flashback of the future? Or a déjà vu of MW

    • Yusuf_2405

      Bro how does this prove the game is in the future its a pre-order card not a trailer or summit 😕

    • this has nothing to do with the future but….. in the latest release picture it states that the future is closer that you think or something like that. now that… makes me think its a futuristic game.

  • The Flash

    a game that takes place in the future but is a sequel to the 1960s

  • twik

    Possibly a flash back war just like the first black ops but im getting this shit BO is the shit

  • Caelan_123

    Guys like David Vonderhaar on Facebook he gave away some sort of Zombes Logo

    • Yusuf_2405

      Yes I checked it the image is bossssss if that was a real image for zombies then i’d be happy

      • Mitch

        link or fake, can’t find it on Treyarch’s facebook or Vahn’s facebook.

    • where is the image of that at?

    • Mitch


  • Conquistadorjordan

    It’s probably a flashback within a flashback within a flashback of the Vietnam war….. Still… Black ops was awesome… GETTING IT!

  • Giovanni

    I’ve believed in like different lives can mason be born into the future of someone else just sayin?

  • Lipposuction