• warrior77733

    there is a new image on callofduty.com 😀

  • This looks awesome, and obviously in the future my guess 15 years after MW3!

  • That looks like yuri in the early stages of his life

  • Aaron96

    The next COD looks epic! Black Ops 2 is gonna blow MW3 to pieces.

    • The Flash

      MW3 has already been blown to pieces when you compare it to BLOPS

    • Aaron96

      I may be wrong but as of now Treyarch Are trying to Make a new COD game, a really futuristic setting what none of us has seen before, and for that well done Treyarch. I want ro play it already , I wish the future wasn’t as far off for your next game.

  • The Flash


  • Crionic2212

    Anybody else think his right arm looks kinda metal-ish ?

    • GromBloodboy

      Yes. Yes it does. Is he a robot? A ROBOT?!?!?!?!? NOT ROBOTS! They have aim-bot!

  • Juan_aguanteracing_99

    mw3 is a piece of shit long live to cod black ops

  • Masdfg2

    I love your site> your’s is so much better than mw247!!!!!!! (: I want to know more about DLC for mw3.

    • For DLC please stay tuned to our DLC page: bit.ly/MW3DLC | Latest news will be there

  • Gerbil5

    This is interesting.

  • That gun look like a Desert Eagle

  • Wazp

    finally something futuristic! look at his right arm and his gun!

  • durexxxxPL

    treyarch you should make trailer of new call of duty black ops I heard that you doing zombies
    I known that the zombies gonna be beter than black ops 1 beter maps and if you can do it for more than 4 people it would be greate Lots of people wants more than 4 players black ops the best treyarch and activision the best