SOURCE: @KingJamesBallin Via @SGCBarbierian

  • Very very nice!

  • Looks simply superb!


    Oakley SI Assault Gloves?

  • Guest

    US flag on the arm.

  • Troll123

    Wait, what? A retail poster is something put up in stores to advertise the game… Why the hell does it have the CharlieIntel logo on it?!

    • Jonjammiller

      so when other websites nick the image they know where its from

      • Troll123

        Oh, just realised that it was added on. Thought it was actually part of the poster.

    • POOP

      So they can take the credit.

  • The Flash

    your logo ruined it

  • Guest

    You can tell it’s going to be modern just look at the Oakley gloves.

  • Andrew

    where is the same picture without the gay logo on it

    • EDIT: Our logo is off the image.

  • Roxas3510

    Where can I pick one up

    • Maybe GameStop.. Not confirmed yet.

      • Broncosnfl15

        so you can get that poster?

  • Broncosnfl15

    is his arm metal or is he wearing metal?