The Call of Duty Black Ops 2 UK site has gone live ahead of tonights reveal and has confirmed the box art and launch date.

“propels players into a near future, 21st Century Cold War, where technology & weapons have converged to create a new generation of warfare”

[nggallery id=233]


*Official Box Art


*Click on image for Hi-Res Wallpaper


*Video has been set to private


*Blurry screenshots via @TotallySlurpy

  • Silent Assassin

    What’s the URL for this site?

  • Mitch

    what’s the url? doesn’t work!

  • Copyrighted

    the graphics certainly look improved.

  • Mitch

    is it me or does that old man look like Woods?

  • Stbearns

    I think they took this game in the wrong direction. Not sure if I’m feeling this. We already have modern warfare. I would’ve like to see a continuation where blops left off.

    • Dhgf4m0us

      LOL every MW game since COD 4 was a joke. Treyarch is about to show Infinity Ward whats up

  • Mitch

    I saw a clear picture of a tank. Now you might say ‘you could have see that coming’ or ‘why is that a problem’? Well, it’s a fucking problem if it has 4 fucking legs!

  • The Flash

    i have come back from school (i live in the UK, time now is 16:40) and i hear all this check website and my ip has been blocked WTF

    • Yes. ATVI has taken the site down

  • ozinatorrr

    my ip is also blocked^^

  • Gamersking1

    my ip is blocked if i click the trailer

  • Dhgf4m0us

    It says my ip is blocked. They must have realized their mistake lol

  • Logical-Alliance

    Someone should of downloaded the video.

    • Not possible. Video was always private.

  • TNARG44

    Old man = MASON the number mason! LOL

  • Mikey24forlife

    Aye if you look closely at the picture of the reaching hand (which is most likely the old mans hand) it has the same tattoo that woods has on his arm that deffinily means its him just all old and stuff now

  • 08brownt

    My ip is blacked too. If anyone else is blacked, are you in the uk cos I am. Maybe we have to wait longer. 🙁

    • 08brownt

      I meant “blocked”. It’s been a long day…