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*We’ll update the post throughout the day if any more images are released…

  • SickTwisted

    DAMN these pics are getting me excited!
    Not in a… Uh, sexual way though… *coughs*

  • Matt


  • Jacoblemon1996

    🙁 bye bye CoD

  • Luke2l10

    I dont know about you guys but that doesn’t look like the 1960s EXCITED!!!!!

    • Mitch

      it’s 21st century.

  • Casper


  • Jeroen Reijenga


  • MisterChumzy

    i just hope they don’t make it too futuristic like HALO or something like that..still EXCITED though!

  • Ade

    the tank thingy is called the claw

  • Kaos xViperZ

    fucking robot looks big (thats what she sed)

  • Thetoffoletti

    Dude, thats either halo or i am never buying cod again.

  • TR1CKZ

    Looks Pretty good But im probably not going to buy it Unless it has Zombies !

  • Ale Sz15

    Okay, Future Warfare.. Black Ops in Future..This looks like halo or star wars..

  • iSwiftyz


  • Luuk

    Damn, I really hoped for something like the original black ops. Not some mw3 bullshit

    • Dylanjustinjdelima

      Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wait and see thats just some of the many pictures youll see

  • I2awspot

    Is it wrong if this turns me on?

  • Ryan MCbobby

    Well, obviously future in the dump is L.A.


    Thats me done with cod.

  • Crumeo

    Anyone recognize the assault rifle in the third pic?

    So we have the quadcopter killstreak which i expect will be like recon drone spliced with an assault drone.

    Im wondering about that tank… killstreak? or is it a return of vehicles back to COD? there havent been vehicles since WaW, and it seems unlikely that thing will be dropped in a care package…

    • Brett_gibbs

      it almost looks like a futuristic famas

    • Mitch

      the gun looks like a XM8, and I think that the tank is a SP exclusive.

      • InHumanTurtle

        The gun looks more akin to the krylov gun from Battlefield 2142


        It is entirely possible that they may be adding drivable vehciles as well. But we Battlefield fans got really annoyed that BF3 was changed to be more like COD, so I can imagine COD fans will be displeased if COD turns into BF…

        • Gonzaga

          It is an XM8

  • Frederik Blak

    you guys remember the future voice kinda thing… this MIGHT be some sort special gamemode instead of zombies… you never know 🙂

  • Oh gosh halo 4 looks good but what its black ops 2 , shit you guys have destroyed cod -_-‘

  • RedzillaHD

    Treyarch does not simply create a game without zombies.

  • Khanjer 97


  • MrWeescottyab1

    I think this looks awesome cod needs a change!

  • Jeffrey27930

    Thanks treyarch -_-

  • keyata

    COD est mort ;(

  • keyata

    on dirais un peu halo

  • Samirnasritheboss

    N’importe quoi on demande juste un call of duty simple sans atout ou arme cheaté… on veux un call of normal stop essayé de créer de la merde u_u

  • Veraplay

    First people cry about always having the same CoD each year and they want something different. Now that they actually get something different people say that they are done with the game. Make up your minds you bratty kids!

    • Welcome to the modern world of gaming. Where kids who aren’t even old enough to play the game ruin everything they touch with their spoiled little opinions. It’s a miracle I haven’t sold my games console.

    • Transformers2fan

      exactly… makes me want to punch these little kids in the face how they complain when they get something that they wanted

  • Aaron96

    Its the AT-TE from StarWars but with 4 legs.

  • Xczxcz

    fack fot that we wait?!?!?!?


    bye cod nioce knowing you.

  • Makav3li_da_don

    Thank god, finally something fresh, i was sick of all the present/past setting of all the call of duty games accept for black ops, that shit was tight. Anyways, these pictures are all in the vicinity of the Staples Centre in Los Angeles around 12th street and Figueroa.

  • xSpeedBlazex

    Why does everyone keep saying their not getting this game if it has no Zombies? That BS. COD has always been about the multiplayer and will continue to be so. I’d even rather them just scrap Zombies and focus more on the Multiplayer if it helps. If you want Zombies just buy a game that is actually specializes in Zombies. The game is looking epic and all u haters say is “it better have zombies, if not I’m not buying it!” screw all of you and stop posting here.

    • Techfreak101

      Lucky for them, zombies is coming back.

  • Mnvikings1123

    Ok folks, this is obviously not going to be anything like Halo (or star wars) this isnt in a galaxy far far away. its on earth, in the 21st century. calm yourselves. I think it will be a good balance somewhere between MW and halo.

  • Silentshot

    This is looking pretty awesome

    • guest

      It doesn’t 🙁

  • Andrew

    That sucks… It’s not black ops 2, it’s mw4.

    • this does not look modern at all

      • Andrew Ksc

        I ment that it looks more like mw3 than black ops.

  • Kohl Funnell

    LOL at the kids who say they’re done with COD. We all know your buying it.

  • tellmeadeshina

    where are the hi-res images?

  • AmazingSuperHick

    The weapon looks kind of like the M4A Pulse rifle without tyhe shotgun attachment from Aliens.

  • Jonathon Tyson

    This just looks to much like halo to be a COD game.


    Halo 4 is where it’s at! FUCK BLACK OPS!

  • lingk

    If I can’t rocket jump in this game I’m not going to buy it.. what kind of FPS doesn’t have rocket jumping! 😉

  • InHumanTurtle

    It looks exactly like 2142, but with worse graphics XD

    Seriously though, I don’t have enough information to properly judge this yet, but if they actually consider the 4th image to be presentable then they are stupid as hell.

    It could potentially be an attempt to get BF fans over (seeing as a large amount want 2143) but if so they’re going to need to try a lot harder.

    • Gonzaga

      *cough* 6 months *cough* until release…

  • Willforte61

    What gun is he holding

    • pride

      a futuristic/customize XM8

  • A bro

    This. Looks. AWESOME.

  • Antman9868

    I’m excited for this. We all know zombies is definatley going to be in this so stop whining about it. I think there will be some sick new guns in zombies

  • im exciting that they are doing something new but i think they still should have actually made a black ops 2 that takes place 12-20 years later so you can experience mason woods and hudson being tracked down by cia and them findin woods and reznov alive it wouldve been a cool story this should have made after but there will probably be flashbacks on it but not a lot

  • tellmeadeshina

    So in the future we’ll have street lights with wind turbines on them, interesting.

  • Mitch_sc0tt_bal4

    Holy shit This game is Going to be amazing Look at the Guys Gun , :O

  • Chisko 06
  • Stuashep

    it looks shit end of, it looks like some cheap capcom game

  • Mrkiller

    Is that Woods?