Unlocked moments ago on CallofDuty.com, it looks like the previously assumed KIA/MIA SOG Veteran, Frank Woods, is in fact alive and well in 2027*.

No confirmation on how or why, hopefully we’ll get another clue in 5 hours when the trailer goes live..

*Approximate year since FPSrussia indicated QuadRotor was 15 years away..



UPDATE: New video unlocked on CallofDuty.com

“Aside from the fact that I’m still alive… none of this surprises me” – Frank Woods

SOURCE: CallofDuty.com Via @MrRoflWaffles

  • Mitch


  • Twinsie

    This is gooood!

  • AmazingSuperHick

    Always knew Woods was too much of a bad ass to die. Hahaha. I bet we get to play a flashback mission of how he escaped Hanoi

    • that was a zombies-related easter egg, not canon to the WaW-BO-BO2 story

  • 2027 ?


    whats up with the old woods photo? source?

    • Mitch

      one of the thumbnails from the trailer.

    • Baulcher

      Its in the thumbnail for the new reveal trailer that comes out tonight.
      Change the numbers and there are more photos

      • Stechyt

        Where can you see the trailer or the thumbnail, i’m confused.

        • trailer isn’t out. but there are ways to get info from the “privated version” of the trailer since it has been uploaded on youtube. some of the info is youtubes “suggested thumbnails” (I think) and that is where they got the pictures.

  • SOGtough

    How do they know its 2027?

  • cycle

    5 hours? oh man….good night

  • Techfreak101

    If you click on the classified picture that is the lightest and not flickering, It’s actually a video of i think Woods’ voice! Hears the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_tNJ46OYPv8

  • anynomous

    There was a voice message on Callofduty.com for a while that said ¨besides form the fact that im still alive.. none of this suprises me..¨ And the guy sounded like old woods =)

    • Anynomous

      Seems like it still is, just under classified tab

  • 5 hours = 1am GMT?

  • Crumeo

    wow, a COD story that is actually intriguing. Hopefully a sign that 3arc is coming through again!

  • I wonder if were just gonna be playing as old man mason

  • John Patton53

    I live in the uk what channel can I catch the trailer on

    • tellmeadeshina

      No channel.

    • Ryan_oshe77

      it will on youtube at 2am atleast I think.

      • tellmeadeshina

        Nah, the LA game – where the co-ordinates pointed us to (and the trailer is also set in LA) is at 10:30PM ET, so expect it to air at the earliest just before the game. 10:30 is 3:30AM UK time.

        The game is on ESPN if you have it, but they don’t show the US ad breaks.

  • pride

    I came across Operation Charybdis, which was a MI-6 mission in 1978 (10 years after Black Ops). The operation’s goal was to eliminate Hudson, Weaver and Mason but the outcome of the operation is unknown. During this time, the email regarding Woods being alive was also sent to Mason. This operation was to be led by a SAS operator who is “inordinately young” but a very “veritable prodigy” by the name of Johnathan ***** (last name crossed out). In the French version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, it is also said that this “Jonathan” is also referred to as “Price”. My thoughts is that this next game could somehow involve Operation Charybdis and tie Price into the Black Ops timeline. Also I was thinking that Operation Kingfisher (which takes place in the near future) could possibly be involved.

    • AmazingSuperHick

      Wow. Interesting.