Black Ops is back. Experience near-future black operations with the next evolution of the legendary Call of Duty: Black Ops. Out 11.13.12.

*Hi-Res trailer screenshots will be added within the hour…

SOURCE: CallofDuty Channel

  • Macrox25

    This is amazing! If this is the future of CoD then give it to me as soon as possible! Wow treyarch has definately outclassed IW in terms of innovation

  • Bob

    OMFG. Looks awesome.

  • God

    I like it.

  • Lapoetra


    • Macrox25


  • lingk

    this should be fun!

  • Tirumalav

    looks AMAZING.

  • Paul

    Seriously? People think this looks amazing? It looks dumb as shit.

    • Matt

      Series was bland, and, IMO, horrific. Needed something new. I think this works. Another shitty, same as fuck thing, and I would have never gone back to this series. Even now I still may not, but I am SO happy they are trying something new. Stop being a fanboy. Cod is getting OLD AS SHIT. Needed something to spice it up.

      • Paul

        I don’t disagree with you… but just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s good. And to me it looks to be the dumbest installment yet.

        Also, do you know what a “fanboy” is? Because I can’t fathom why you thought, from what I said, that I was a cod fanboy…

        • Tak7

          With setting themselves up in the near future, they have immediately given themselves access to a far greater level of creative freedom than they ever had in Black Ops.

          That for one is a HUGE plus for me. Because that will lead to innovation, which the series needs.

          Choice-based single player campaign? Everyone has different playthroughs + endings? That’s a huge innovation for CoD.

          An RTS-element to the single player campaign? A sandbox style campaign element as well? That’s huge innovation for CoD.

          Not to mention the creative license they have given themselves with the multiplayer – call it future warfare if you like, but they are no longer stuck on the generic weaponry that plagues most CoD games now.

          …how can you call that the “dumbest” installment yet?

    • Julian12davis

      not true its going 2 be way better than all the others


    seems legit

  • AmazingSuperHick

    About time we got something new. This def has some potential

  • Tyler_giddy

    Well that was lame. So where’s the cod trailer? Because that certainly was not anything related to call of duty

    • Tak7

      What were you expecting? A Black Ops 1 montage?

      Get real. If you aren’t old enough to buy the game yourself, you shouldn’t be judging it.

  • Josh

    looks epic but yet i think the whole future thing is just the wrong direction with cod but yet i ask myself what other war could they do a game on maybbe the war on terror but no one wopuld know what that is but americans idk just dont go so far into the future we a copying the gayest shit ever ……………….halo

    • AmazingSuperHick

      You are a complete idiot of you think this even remotely resembles Halo. Not one single bit of this looks like Halo. This is the near future, not the distant future like Halo. I see no aliens or lasers yet in Black Ops 2. So tell me…..what about this resembles Halo? Or are you just another troll on the internet?

  • Derp

    This looks terrible; bland graphics, horrible shadow effects, recycled mechanics, AKA every cod since modern warfare.

  • Tak7

    People (mainly the 12-year old BRAT segment of the CoD community), will sit and moan about how Modern Warfare 3 wasn’t Modern Warfare 3, but simply Modern Warfare 2.5 – that it didn’t do enough to be different and unique, and that it felt too similar. People clearly wanted something fresh and different and exciting.

    People complain that they want more change.

    Now, with the release of the trailer, and the promise and potential for something fresh, different, and exciting, people are still complaining.

    People are complaining that it’s too much change.

    Seriously – you will never satisfy the CoD community anymore. The early glory days of the CoD franchise, ie. CoD 3 and early CoD 4, when the community wasn’t infiltrated with pathetic, bratty 12 year olds, is nothing but an ancient memory now.

    In it’s place is nothing more than a mob that will never be satisfied.

    You could give these people the greatest multiplayer experience ever, and they will still find something to pick apart with hit.

  • Matthew

    the future is black, wtf how racist is that