Form your own opinion.. We were quick to dismiss this “leaked MP screenshot” back in April but now we’re not so sure. Internet Detective @TheRealAkimbro quickly noticed that the font used in today’s trailer was very-very similar to the font used in last months leaked screenshot.

The font is NOT used in any previous Call of Duty game so it doesn’t really seem like a coincidence. However, the objective markers have changed in the trailer which means this could have been an old screenshot. Let us know what you think in the comments section..

Remember guys, multiplayer is still 6 months away and theres no telling how old this image is. Lots could have been changed and we’re sure there’s lots more polish to be done.

UPDATE1: @IamMichaell noticed another similarity with today’s exclusive Machinima Video:


UPDATE2: MP1st noticed a matching H.U.D. in an exclusive video by CVG:


SOURCE: @TheRealAkimbro


    (guess) its impact font by looking at it same used on the cod logo. its already built in on windows 7

    • Guest

      It is almost exactly like that font, but with some variation in the A and Y

  • Geoff_6

    I don’t know but I’m having a bad feeling about this game. I don’t think CoD should do future Warfare, but you never know what can happen.

  • Now that we know the game is in the future and a direct sequel, an MP7 is definitely possible…

  • Interesting…
    4 Pointstreak (killstreak) rewards?

  • Spenser

    if it is… im disappointed.

  • can see the hud matches with the hud in this video at 44 sec in.

  • dommmG

    its too much in the future i think it will ruin call of duty if they do this :/

    • Superbob

      8 years after MW3 is too far into the future? It is 2025, not 2225. This game is only 13 years from now and most of this stuff is either in prototype form or pre production form.

    • Asdf

      This will be the 9th call of duty. Tenth if you count United Offensive. I think it’s pretty fair to say experiementing with a different subject (finally) won’t ruin the series. Especially when a new CoD will come just a year later.

      • Guest

        I don’t see why United Offensive would be counted, it’s an Expansion.

  • Cod

    so what if its set in the future its a damn change from all those stupid ww games….

  • its that an mp7 ?

  • Tobinkaestner
  • $25193756

    its not even that far into the future, Its amazing cuz last year everyone was bitching about how cod never innovate and bring something new, the second they give us something new cod fans want to keep it the same.

    Where’s the fucking logic?

    • Bmiasada

      Too true man, too true

  • Alex mason

    This is legit you can see this map in trailer after they show the ospry gunner

  • griffin

    OMG if we CoD keeps doing the same thing it will ruin call of duty. I think this future warfare could be a positive thing.

  • Fabrice2194 from youtube

    Hey guys,actually this image is NOT FAKE ! because the multiplayer maps, were revealed(Not in Video), but it is confirmed that, there is a map called ‘Aftermath’ in L.A, and a map called ‘Yemen’ and from what i noticed is that in this Black Ops 2 multiplayer in-game screenshot we could see clearly that this player is located in some sort of downturn, like in MW3, and i think that This Screenshot were captured on the Aftermath Map, And i can say that THIS IS TOTALLY LEGIT 😀


    one thing i said about this game is, “i always wondered when call of duty and halo were going to collide

    • Semtex Reflex

      This is only 13 years in the future! Not hundreds of years!