Ok photoshop experts, let us know if this looks real. Screenshot was taken from the same guy that put up a supposed leaked vid of the Black Ops 2 menu. We’re still skeptical..


  • Mitch

    How fucking big does that map look?

  • I’m still not over the fact that the other leaked image is supposedly real…

  • Vasidius

    Looks exactly like BC2’s XM8. But it does look legit. Idk

  • The Flash

    if the menu is fake, then this is

  • Roxas3510

    I looked into the BC2 XM8, it doesn’t exactly look the same. Right under the front iron sight, the three indents look much more wider than BC2’s, and there’s more indents on the BC2 one. On the side of the barrel it looks like the metal is sort of coming out more, whereas on BC2’s XM8 it’s more flat. The back iron sights on both of them look very similar (of course because it’s the same weapon), but the BO2 one looks a little wider than the BC2 one. This is what I noticed about the MP7 leaked picture, the back iron sights were more rounded in the leaked photo than it is in the MW3 MP7, and the front iron sight didn’t have the white dot like MW3’s does. Here’s the picture of the XM8 I was looking at.


    EDIT: Just looked at the trailer again, noticed this:

    That spot looks the same as the one above, so I’m assuming it’s real, unless there is another game with the XM8 that looks just like that.

  • Bob5

    Looks fake to me. The buildings show incredible detail at a distance and even when blurred, leading me to believe it’s a photo. The hud looks the same as past “leaked” screenshots but that kind of stuff is easy enough to place over an image. It’s too good looking to be a CoD4 mod imo. Probably the one thing that makes this screenshot a no go is that map itself. This type of design is reminiscent of BF games, wide open, long terrain. This does not look like a cozy CoD map like we’re used to. Then again, vehicles look like they’ll play a huge part in this one so there’s a possibility that the maps will be open to allow for better vehicle navigation.

    • Roxas3510

      Pretty sure this isn’t a screenshot of the multiplayer, so the big map thing shouldn’t even factor into deciding whether or not this is real. The main thing I’m looking at is the gun, checking to see if it was brought in from another game or not. Judging by the comparisons to BC2 and seeing the gun in the trailer,it looks real. Maybe the whole photo isn’t real, but the first person view of the XM8 definitely looks real to me. Read the comment I posted earlier.

      • Bob5

        I’m getting the feeling that the entire image is a real photo. I think the gun is shopped in to that scene but it definitely comes off as more of a picture than a game. And plus, even in the cutscenes, CoD never looked this good. Hard to tell but I’m saying this is a fake.

  • alex

    it has the same emblem in the bottom left hand corner like the earlier leaked picture im not an expert by any means but looks legit

  • Elektrobanq

    I don’t think this is real. Take a look at the leaked picture and compare it to the second picture that Roxas3510 posted. Notice how thick the carrying handle is in the picture from the real trailer and compare it to the leaked image above. The carrying handle in the leaked image is way too thin. If we can expect the reveal trailer to be portraying the rifle at its final stage of development, either the leaked photo is a screenshot of the rifle when it was not finalized or it is a fake. Another possibility is that you can change carrying handles, but that possibility is very slim because I see no point in having that option.

  • Coachstatsman

    It says he is on PS3… Also that looks alot like BF3 or something of the sort (bloom) Furthermore, the corner menu looks like the fake MP7 picture

    • MitaDesigns

      Where do you see that it says that I’m on PS3? I’m on 360 bro.

    • AmazingSuperHick

      The MP7 picture actually isnt a fake….

      • Youdontneedtoknow

        yea you got a confirmation form treyarch?

      • Dhgf4m0us

        Oh look, my MP7 is at chuck-e-cheese. This must be a map -_- *took less than 30 seconds to make*

        • jordanxbrookes

          But that picture was with the MP7 was real though hahaha.

  • Dhgf4m0us

    that map is way to plain to be an actual map. Honestly I could recreate that map within a couple of hours

    • they are testing maps like the ones on the mw3 leaks and if it were real it obviously would be unfinished duh

      • Dhgf4m0us

        you really have no idea that this game is 99% finished do you? Please stop posting. It hurts

  • PhotoshopExpert

    that is so fake obviously they just took the images form the old “LEEK” and placed it on top of that created pic then blurred the icons. relatively easy to do.

  • Zatalbert61

    has really no one else noticed whats on the orange side of the gamestop double-sided black ops 2 poster? its a new character holding up a zombies cut-off head….a chick character!!! With an olympia!!!

    • Riley

      That’s not an olympia it’s 1860’s era Henry rifle.

  • Dhgf4m0us

    guys it is a computer screen with a fullscreen preview. it IS NOT actual gameplay. Some people have that very confused for some reason

  • yeah but will it be real guns or future fake halo type guns?

    • Berto

      Its regular guns for the most part, not retarded laser guns.

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    I know the guy who did that, it is a french graphist, and he loves to make fakes of CoD games like this one : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2012/14/1333884181-img_5013.jpg
    Or that one : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2012/17/1335388835-img_1722.jpg
    Whatever, I think that it is fake, look, if you can understand french there is the topic where he posted first the screenshot : http://www.jeuxvideo.com/forums/1-28124-69714-1-0-1-0-screenshot-du-multi.htm

    I know him because I’m french so you can trust me, 99% of chance that it is a fake.

    • Dhgf4m0us

      the Black Ops 2 logo is Roman Numeral 2 not the number 2. Already fake

      • AnOrdinaryMan

        I know, I just wanted to show you his other fakes, in order to prove that the screenshot with the XM8 is also a fake.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Lol 2 years later, Black Ops 2’s logo did have roman numeral 2.

  • its Doxie

    I’m an art designer and I work with photoshop 8hours/day, I can say this is possible to do but it would need hella work to do this

  • Aloha

    Fake, thats the Battlefield bad compaƱy xm8 with a skin, plus cod never used that perspective of guns

    • I agree, also the BOII XM8 has a squared carry handle not the traditional rounded one.