The official Call of Duty Twitter account recently announced a giveaway via Twitter to be the first to win official Black Ops 2 merchandise, but if you’re in the UK and head over with £5 to your local Tesco, then you’ll be greeted with an official awesome looking Black Ops 2 T-Shirt. You might wanna hurry though because only the first 1000 people get a shirt. Which is worth the £5 in our opinion.


SOURCE: @Oldarobot

  • Ona Sylvester

    Man…all we got here in the US was a poster.

  • tellmeadeshina

    The front is off-center, looks a bit naff!

    Also first 1,000? Wonder how that works there are 700 stores, surely can’t be 1 per store…

    • In my store there was about 20 on shelf and im guessing they have more the sign didn’t indicate that they were the only ones but its not unlimited stock as the back of the box stats that its limited

    • Crew Psycho

      its supposed to be off centered a little bit. Look at all the official posters. the guy is off centered as well. Doesnt matter cuz they look better than the mw3 shirts