Eight pages of Black Ops 2 goodness is expected to hit the Official Xbox Magazine when it hits newsstands in the US on May 22nd (even earlier if you’re a subscriber).

The magazine will include:
-Multiplayer details known so far.
-Branching storylines.
-How drones will figure into gameplay.
-Varying timelines within the campaign.

Make sure to check back as we promise to have scans of all 8 pages once the magazine is in our hands.

SOURCE: Official Xbox Magazine Via @flightdoc09

  • alex

    are you guys going to be able to get us this info early? i want to hear more about the branching storylines

  • Cesar

    i don’t know if this is helpfull but black ops 2 is already in pre-purchase on steam
    2 pics so you guys can see.
    The game is going to be available 13 November 2012 according to steam
    hope this was helpfull and love your blog charlie 😛

  • Robvader
  • Jamie

    I want to know about DLC for mw3