During the last update to ELITE, Beachhead accidentally let information on Clan Challenges leak (its now removed). As you see in the image above, there are going to be Daily Clan Challenges, and Weekly Clan Challenges. Clan Challenges will be for both Premium and Free members, but nothing specific has been announced at this time.

Beachhead Studio has acknowledged the fact that Clan Challenges are in development, but they are focusing on Clan Operations. With this leak it seems they are very close to being done.


  • Things get “LEAKED” all the time! they do it for the response.

  • Elite_Christians

    Will these challenges add to clan XP or are they just for individual XP?

  • Hayden34

    I just want to know about the dlc in may!

  • eko

    If Clan Challenges are for everyone (Premium & non-premium) then why is there a premium skull beside the name of the challenge? (In lone wolf & clan ops this denotes that its for premium members only)

    + the grey skull icon looks very plain compared to other icons used in clap ops & lone wolf op)

    • eko

      Speaking of the grey skull, it looks like a cut n paste job from the bottom picture,just big enough to cover up the icon thats on a similar lone wolf op banner now on the Elite site.

    • tellmeadeshina

      Unless I am completely blind, the picture in the artist does not have the Elite premium skull in it.

      • eko

        Blog post has been updated and the (now known to be) fake picture has been removed.

  • CEO

    how much XP are we talkin?