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The Official PlayStation Magazine [France] featured Black Ops 2 in their newest issue. All of the details are in French, but you can see some new screenshots.

If you read French, please feel free to translate in the comments section below..

SOURCE: WCCF Tech Via @The_gibbymanx

  • Hayden34

    It’s translates to “call of duty is a fucking peice of shit game and dumbasses keep buying it”

    • tellmeadeshina

      Does it really.

      • No it doesn’t… I speak french and it says that the Call of Duty franchise is continuing with another Black Ops from Treyarch. They’re saying pretty much what’s been said and heard of already. There’s nothing new or exclusive except for the screenshots.

        • tellmeadeshina

          Yeah, I know it doesn’t, I was being sarcastic ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jgspinelli

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      • POOP

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    • Pwndstudio

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  • Apala31

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  • Asanchez2

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    • Asanchez2


  • The first image is: “At the borders of science fiction, Black Ops seems to be offering some freedom that we weren’t suspecting”. It’s along those lines basically.

  • Matias25671


  • CodeGox


    Leave the nest. In video-games like everywhere, succes brings a feeling of security. But sometimes, this security feeling can also
    bring boredom, enough to make you think that it’s time to go ahead of danger (hard to translate). With Call of duty, Treyarch
    doesn’t need to change it’s formula, looking at the huge success of Black Ops which brings treyarch a throne of certainty and
    self-trust. And we have to confess, that when the new yearly CoD presentation started, we were only waiting for Black Ops 2, nothing
    more or less. That is to say, the direct sequel of his predecessor, built as a succession of epic missions moving us from conflicts
    to conflicts and from land to land with big action and a lot of flash-backs. Well, a classic call of duty. We were terribly wrong !
    The game is certainly Black ops 2, and it’s storyline is built as BO (that is to say flash backs and narration), but foreverything
    else, this game presents itseld as a real risk taken, with the introduction of plenty of new elements, nearly unexpected.


    “At the borderlines of science-fiction, black ops brings new features unexpectables”

    3 games in one.
    for treyarch, black ops is set around 3 modes with different ambitions.
    Zombie mode : becaming a whole gear of a call of duty, zombies slaughter is back for fun and out of the storyline games.
    Multiplayer : at the time, we don’t have much to say about the multiplayer, only that the social gaming aspect will be stronger.
    Campaign : The heart of the game, the campaign promises a lot, due to it’s narration, context and the presence of Strike force missions


    Left : david mason looks as strong as his father. But is he also schizophrenic ?
    Up : Not, this isn’t from the new Metal gear solid, but from the next call of duty
    down : having skill at drone driving in the strike force missions will be essential

    Future is black. The word is said, future. Yes, the biggest part of the campaign of BO2 will be set in an nearby future, around 2025.
    But before revealing some scenaristic elements justifying this choice, we need to talk about the context of the game. Treyarch
    wanted to introduce a cold war-like story, with conflicts making reference to the recent actuality. With the help of the scenarist
    David S Goyer, Treyarch imagines a crisis about the rare Earth Elements, these minerals being essential to the production of
    electronics, from the smartphone to the army’s drone. China has more than 95% under control of the world ressources, and it generates
    some tensions between this land and the others. Starting from this, Treyarch created a scenario able to follow BO’s one. This new
    episode reveals what are frank woods or alex mason becoming, two characters that we will take control in flash-backs. These returns
    to the past will not be unneccessary, because we will discover the early days of raul menendez, the one who will become later the
    bad guy of BO2. Yes, because in 2025, menendez seems to have an army composed of mens, drones and combat robots. Leader of these
    cybernetics squads, he will be able to launch strikes all around the world. China, Yemen, USA or Singapor are some places where
    you will have to defend people playing as david mason. Guess ? Yes, it’s the son of alex mason, an elite soldier whose choice is to
    follow his father’s steps. at the time, that’s all we know about the storyline of BO2, and we hope that it will be as good as BO
    the first.

    Burning war. And gameplay ? How does the futuristic aspects inflences the gameplay ? For these questions, treyarch decided to
    bring us in the middle of the battlefield, in los angeles. In the first seconds of the demo, the apocalyptic feeling is right here.
    Buildings are on fire, planes are bombarding the city and drones are exploding against some buildings. Nearby, David mason is inside
    a bulletproof vehicle also transporting the USA president. So we need to protect her…

    No Codboii-5 ๐Ÿ™


    up : for the sequence to be more authentic, treyarch bring a real horse in the motion-capture studios.

    (Talking about strike force)
    [The events] are taking place in closed arenas like the multiplayer maps.In these missions related to the storyline, we control a squad,
    from the squad leader to the second-class soldier, and even the drones. We can at anytime leave the habitual first person vision
    to vizualise all the battlefield. So we can set a new strategy, managed our resources and choose the character we will control.
    A good way to break the routine and to propose some more tactical and diversified sequences. apart from this, strike force missions
    will have consequences on the main story because if you have failed or succed at a mission, the scenario can leave the pre-set
    storyline. As treyarch said, ther’s a lot of different narrative axis, and even different endings, an original thing for a CoD
    episode. With the end of a strike force mission in singapour, the end of the demo also comes, leaving a definitly good and surprising
    feeling about the path took by this episode. Not beeing lazy and producing the lambda CoD we were waiting for, treyarch changed
    it’s whole formula. An ambitious decision which already convinced us. Saying that we are impatient to know more sounds like an

    Enjoy guys, there is still some mistakes because I’m speaking french not english. CodeGox.