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“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me“. The past week or so we received an alarming amount of tips from people trying to give us the heads up on these supposed Black Ops 2 Leaks.  Thanks to several internet sleuths, they were able to uncover the source of some of the mystery guns showing up in these leaks which happen to come from “Blacklight Retribution” and “Dust 514”.

Zevodesign is not to be trusted. These comparison pictures should be 100% proof that these leaks are fake. So next time you see a blurry, angled, low resolution picture you might want to think twice..

The gun used in the image below comes from the PS3’s exclusive futuristic FPS “Dust 514”:

Dust 514 Trailer

SOURCE: MP1st and RK1Apocalypse

  • Jamie

    I want to know about DLC for MW3! What are content drops 9, 10 , 11, 12 and the other things. Is there any gun DLC for MW3? I would like to know. These pictures look interesting!

    • Naot

      Yeah! we want to know about mw3 dlc

      • Gerbil5

        dlc for mw3 sucks!

        • Gerbil5

          Mw3 dlc rocks! we should know more about it!

          • Gerbil5

            What about black ops dlc?

          • Jamie

            we need to know about dlc for both games!!!!!

          • Gghhyy

            Mw3 is crap

  • Zatalbert61

    there are still differences though… i mean this article says theyre taken straight from those trailers and gameplays? then why is the xm8 not even in the right angle!? i watched the dust514 trailer and it NEVER turns to that angle and when it barely turns it really dosent even look like it other than the right dot. and speaking of sights, the iron sights arent the same on the top images. i mean if treyarch used the same near futuristic guns..then…yeah…theyre. going. to. be. the. same. gun. hahaha. i mean its like saying ak47 pictures were fake cause youve seen an ak47 in another game before.

    • Crumeo

      I agree. The proportions of these guns are all different. I am not saying they are real, but simply saying another game has the same guns (that look different) isnt enough. The biggest red flag for me is that Dust and Blacklight are not “near future games” and these guns look like a bit of a stretch, even for 2025… but then again, the G11 and FAD exist, so who knows

    • cHOcOLaTe

      I don’t know, that zombie picture, and menu look pretty real. I mean, these guys posted these pics, 2 weeks before the trailer, and they all had the same HUD text in the trailer. There’s over 2 million fonts, there’s such a small chance they got lucky.

  • Guy

    the one where hes holding the pistol is zombies

  • Kasim Ali2011

    The singleplayer image is 100% legit. if you go to callofduty.com/blackops2 and go to images one of the images when clicked on shows in the address http://www.callofduty.com/uk/en/blackops2/images/harper harper, the person shown speaking in the image