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May 22nd DLC Content Collection 2 includes: 4 “Small” Face-Off maps, 3 Regular Maps, 2 Spec-Ops Missions
($15 For ALL Xbox Live Members / Included with ELiTE)

4 New “Face-Off” Maps ( Playlist 1vs1 or 2vs2)

Aground is set on a shipwreck off the coast of Scotland.

Erosion sees you running around Roman ruins in Italy while Mount Vesuvius erupts in the background.

Getaway plays out in a beachside mansion in Brazil.

Lookout is set in a forward observation post in Afghanistan.


1 NEW Multiplayer map:
Oasis: it’s set on a beach resort in the United Arab Emirates. “It’s actually in or near one of the levels from single player – the one that takes place in UAE. You can see part of that level in the background in this level. It’s all new geo but it’s in the same area.”

2 NEW Spec-Ops Missions:

Ironclad: set immediately after the Hamburg mission from the single player campaign, with you and a comrade attempting to make it back to the landing beach after the initial assault. “It has that asynchronous combat that we’ve been focusing on, where one player does one thing and another does something completely different. One player is on the ground and has to clear obstacles and engage in basic infantry combat. Then you have another guy driving a tank and you both have to support each other and get back to the beaches.”

Killswitch: plays out in an all-new area set in a Russian dockyard. “One person is on the ground sneaking through and the other is in a sniper perch, sniping for the other player. You have to get through the level and detonate an EMP at the end.”

2 Previous Maps: Sanctuary and Foundation


***On May 15th “Face-Off” Maps: Aground and Erosion
will be FREE on Xbox Live for All.***

New game mode “FACE-OFF”: It’s a one-on-one or two-on-two deathmatch mode featuring four brand new maps custom built for more intimate combat.


Visit our DLC page more info!

PC and PlayStation 3 roll-out to follow.

SOURCE: Eurogamer

  • So… no Elite Drop ? WTF ?

    • Mitch

      Oasis is for Elite, just like 2 maps for Face-Off and the 2 spec ops missions, that’s 4 drops.

  • Mitch

    Activision and free DLC? This is proof for the world ending this year people! This is a hint!

  • RickHB

    So everybody will get the maps from this month elite for free?? on Xbox live??
    I think you made a mistake there

  • moriarty1975

    “Only” two of the maps are free for everyone.

    Video here –

  • Jhicks0506

    Wheres the proof?

  • Crumeo

    it sounds like Oasis, Getaway and Lookout are all Elite only

  • moriarty1975

    DLC for Elite Premium users comes out May 15th and the 2 free Face-off maps come out for evereyone also on the 15th.

    Content Collection 2 is released for non-Premium users May 22nd.

    (xbox dates)

  • Guest

    If this is true, then the classified drop in June (Elite Drop 15) is a Mission.

  • Mecha75

    If the Face Off maps are free, then why are they not also being dropped to PS3 and PC users?

    • moriarty1975

      Microsoft deal covers ALL DLC not just paid-for DLC?

      • Mecha75

        screwed again. even on free DLC, it is still all about the money!!!

  • tellmeadeshina

    Wait – so there are four maps this month, and two of those maps are exclusive for Face Off? Fuck that. I want to play on any game mode, not just some shitty mode that is 1v1 where the other person will just quit as soon as you kill them three times in a row.

    Yet more miss-selling from Activision if these are ‘free’ to everyone but advertised as Elite DLC in the content calendar.

    • Mitch

      5 maps, 4 exclusive to face-off.

      • tellmeadeshina

        Yeah realised as soon as I had posted. I’m a bit annoyed. They have pussied out on this one. Make them full sized maps THEN scale them down for Face Off, like Black Ops did. They were full sized maps and THEN if you entered Gun Game or similar there were walls put up so the map was smaller.

        I want to play objective modes not some crappy mode where the only person I’m playing with will rage quit all the time.

      • Cpt Price

        Do you hear how stupid that sounds!?!. You mean to tell me that they couldn’t do something similar to what battlefield 3 did and make the maps normal size but section off small pieces of the maps for face off. That way ppl that want to play with a full team can do so and those that want to play 1v1 or 2v2 can do so. This was a cop out move on IWs part. Why develop whole maps when you can take half the time on half a map and put it out as content. I signed up to elite premium for whole F’n maps. Not midget ones and spec op missions.

  • Cpt Price

    Are you kidding me? Why only really give us 1 team map, when I was looking forward to 4 multiplayer maps. Not freakin 1v1 or 2v2 maps. I have a whole clan that likes to play together. This is so stupid to limit us. I was so excited for 4 full on team multiplayer maps this month. Now we get 1 and 4 1v1 maps.On top of that lets me honest here no one cares about spec ops. This was a fail.

    • Mecha75

      I don’t think it is a fail. there are alot of people who play 1 v1 against each other in private matches on DOME. These maps give them more options (as well as going against random opponents. With that being said, they should be available for 6 v 6 like NukeTown in Black Ops.

      • tellmeadeshina

        You are missing his point. As per Black Ops, maps got walled off, meaning you had the smaller map for the game modes with fewer people in – ie Face Off – but ALSO people who only like say Domination, get to play the full sized map.

    • Jd9982

      Are u dumb where getting 2 new mp regular maps can u read and 4 face off maps

      • moriarty1975

        1 new MP map (Oasis) + 2 MP maps already released for Elite premium users (Foundation & Sanctuary)

        Or am i dumb? o_0

        Where = We’re?

  • Raider Rob

    Lol is it November yet?? Wow…

  • 4 MAPS dedicated to 1 vs 1 challenges?
    I’m really disappointed with this next content drop.

  • Jd9982

    All your comments are retarded you people have no clue wtf your talking about I find it hilarious how u people are so dumb can u read lmfao